From the 1st February we will be having a new pop-up food stall in the artFix cafe Woolwich! Tibka will be cooking up an African-Asian food fusion. We hope you can’t wait to dig in!

    • An exciting range of flavours on offer
    • Vegetarian friendly
    • Prices starting from £3.50 for the soup of the day and £6.00 for a main meal
    • A variety of different foods with a range of ingredients including lentils, chick peas, steamed germen cabbage, spices, and fried cauliflower
    • With each meal you can choose pitta bread, tortilla bread, or Ethiopian traditional flat bread (ENJERA)
    • For £1.50 you can have one bowl of rice with your choice of dish
    • All home-made

Menu with prices as well as a description of the foods are below so take a look as see what tickles your tastebuds!


food menu description pdf


About Tibka Tadesse

“Hi, my name is Tibka and I am from Ethiopia (East Africa). And I am a mother of one lovely daughter. Cooking has always been my main hobby. I learned most of my cooking skills from my talented mother. People who have tasted my foods has always encouraged me to start my own food business. Because of this I have teamed up with Artfix to provide for customers some of my delicious dishes with a reasonable price in a relaxing atmosphere.”

“I use very healthy ingredients in all my dishes. For example; Lentils has a variety of very useful nutritional benefits such as, improves blood flow and carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Foods such as Chick Peas has a high source of Protein, Carbohydrate and Fibre. Also, Green Beans has rich vitamin A, C, K, B6 which are all very beneficial for our general wellbeing. And also, all of my main dishes are not fried. I also make a traditional bread, which is made with Ethiopian whole grain called Teff flour.”