14/12/2022 - 31/12/2022
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix in Woolwich


Art exhibition 

artFix and WSUP (WOOLWICH SERVICE USERS PROJECT) have developed a successful community collaboration during 2022 and we now present you with this unique exhibition!

George Neris, artFix, says:

“When Andrea (WSUP Trustee) reached out and connected with artFix we met and we both saw great community synergy through art. artFix was only too happy to help”

Andrea Brunetti Leach, WSUP trustee, says:

“In honour of my friend the late great Harry Singh I became a trustee at WSUP and we were able to open the new WSUP community hub in December 2021 with full service from March 2022 refurbishing a victorian schoolhouse that had lain empty for 15 years. WSUP is the only ‘Hot Community Drop In’ and once the community space was opened we all saw how important the WSUP community hub could be to offer our guests hot food hot shower and other services and experiences not available to them outside of WSUP”




As part of this collaboration, October 8th 2022 saw artFix successfully launch a 10 week fully funded art therapy course at WSUP community service hub on Tuesdays for all WSUP Guests.

The program was made possible via the Community Champions Innovation Grants


artFix resident artist Lucia Colella has been the art therapist:

“It has been so rewarding to develop art therapy classes at WSUP and it has been fantastic to see WSUP guests, part of our challenged Woolwich community, engage unleash and express their creative instincts”

artFix WSUP art therapy case study – WSUP guest ‘JC’ says:

“I have been using WSUP services for over 5 years and have found the new WSUP community hub a real lifeline for me.
Having been sleeping on the streets for some time and now living in a basic hostel (more than 30 people use one bathroom) I find the hot shower hot food and washing machine facilities critical to my day to day quality of life and self esteem.
I had not painted for over 10 years for many reasons so when I began the artFix WSUP art therapy course at WSUP it reignited a passion and release that had been denied to me. Lucia inspired me and I followed her to the WSUP artFix awareness days in Tesco Woolwich extra where art was used to engage with the Woolwich community.
After just 3 days I felt motivated to paint my first oil on canvas…amazing feeling!! I have continued to paint and engage with my community also enjoying my work!“

This exhibition is to showcase the positive outcomes and to highlight and visualise the success of the artFix and WSUP art therapy created by guests such as JC.
WSUP and artFix are Community & Humanity in Action in Woolwich and, subject to funding, hope to develop other initiatives in 2023.


Please get involved support, donate and help WSUP and artFix to continue to make a difference in its community!


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Exhibition preview |  Official opening


14th Dec
14:00 – 17:00 



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