03/06/2021 - 17/06/2021
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The art and the artist

Zhanna Gromova was born in Komsomolsk-on Amur, a small town in East Russia. Upon moving to Vancouver, she changed her career path from a psychologist to an impressionist artist. She was inspired by the magnificent Pacific West Coast and started to express her vision of the world through art.

She specialises in oil paintings but is also known to work with watercolour, acrylic, and pastels. Her current exhibition Travelling Through Dreams and Reality conceptualises and romanticises the power we have to manifest our dreams based on our reality. It combines multiple genres and mediums to reflect on how our lives are a constant journey connecting real life with dreams.

A few words from the artist

“I like challenges and experiments in art, and now I’ve been working on a series of abstract paintings. My paintings reflect my belief that every subject – be it a landscape, a figure, or just a simple flower – has its own inner essence that evokes profound emotional impressions in people. I like capturing this sense of the inner ‘spirit’ and sharing my delight in experiencing it with viewers.

I chose to work in the Impressionist style with its freedom of using colour, light, and loose brush strokes, as it has the expressive potential, beauty, and the ability to elicit emotional responses from the audience.”

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