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artFix Woolwich
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Whether you’re a secret shower singer, a karaoke nut or you just want some good harmony in your life – Feel Good could be for you.

It’s a new regular singing group to sing away the stresses of the week with feel-good songs for everyone ranging from pop to jazz to folk to world.

Come along for free and enjoy the benefits of singing in a group, scientifically proven to be good for your health: from getting more oxygen into the blood, to increasing the flow of feel-good hormones and improving mental health.

We’ll start with some fun warm-up songs to help us all loosen up and then have a crack at harmonies. Don’t be scared though, you can always stick to the melody, sometimes there’s safety in numbers;)

Feel free to email us and let us know if you’re a shy sort, a football singer or an amateur opera diva and tell us 3 of your favourite songs, you never know, we might do one with the group!


Open to all from 18 to 180 years old 🙂


About The Group

The Feel Good singing group is run by Jami Reid-Quarrell.

” I was brought up around singing and love how it brings people together and just makes you FEEL GOOD! “

Jami has sung with Choir of Man, London Dixieland Jazz Band, Angels of Kaos and his own band Katts&Dawgs among many others.

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