15/02/2024 - 29/02/2024
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Artfix Greenwich

Soul Collective Exhibition

4 Different artists come together to present you this exciting and original exhibition at Artfix Greenwich

Soul Collective, presents the work of four artists from different generations and disciplines; connected through friendship and family. With a shared love of creating, experimentation and aesthetic wonder.

The interwoven themes that link these artistic souls together are deep rooted over decades.  Artists seek inspiration from travel, people, the unconscious, patterns, ceramics and mixed media exploration.
We are excited to host the first public London exhibition as a collective.

Amelia Dawe (London, UK)
Artist; Educator; Trainee art psychotherapist
Rooted in growing up in the rich tapestry of a mixed heritage family, Amelia’s work explores the collision of cultures found in everyday life. Travel is a key component for her creativity, as she seeks inspiration from the people encountered, landscapes observed, cultural history and long held traditions. 

It is these gathered threads that inform her practice, which ranges from drawing, painting and collage to print making. For Amelia, the essence of her work lies not solely in the finished product, but in the experimental journey itself.

It is this artistic freedom which allows for her to transcend the confines of the final piece to evoke a sense of aesthetic wonder, and invite the viewer to delve into moments of calm, anchored in simplistic beauty amidst the complexities of the world. 

Tag line
Inspired by travel, people and the exploration of cultures, with a play on negative and positive space, texture and line

Charlotte Faircloth (London, UK)
Artist; educator; Creative explorer, Open-hearted experimenter
Her early  work draws on her experiences as a performance artist focusing on the female form – displaying her passions as an artist to communicate free flow of subconscious expression ultimately as a pursuit towards truth.

These portraits offer her vision of our relationship with our bodies – Exploring femininity and celebrating the uniqueness of individuality and the common strengths that can be found in all of us.

Her current creative process is borne out of playfulness. Allowing freedom to experiment with ideas without inhibition or censure, reacting and transforming within the moment. As adults its easy to lose the wonder of life and let the world’s natural beauty pass us by.  Through the subconscious process of  art one can reignite exciting and unexpected revelations and results.

Tag Line
Artist; Educator; Creative Explorer & Open-Hearted Experimenter

Anne Castaño (Eastbourne, UK)
Ceramic artist & Educator
Anne has loved clay since she was a child, she still has the first pinch pot she made when she was a little girl, the memory of holding the terracotta clay for the first time is still so clear for her. At Central St Martins she studied Ceramic Design. Anne learned many different ways of working with clay. The course was centred around design and manufacture.  In the end, she realised working to a brief wasn’t for her. 

Anne loves to play with the clay, to watch it grow and change in her hands, coiling is amazing, the work grows slowly in front of her eyes, always changing moment to moment. She also slip cast and press mould pieces.

The connection with the clay is hard to describe, something like a conversation, where at one moment the dialogue is led by one, then the other, sometimes it flows, other times it is fraught with tension, slowly as the piece grows a relationship forms and the character of the pot emerges.

Tag Line
Ceramic artist from the south coast of England working in porcelain and stoneware

Paul Randell (Whitstable, UK)
Graphic artist & Creative inventor

Paul’s work Doodaism is the creation of art, expressing sub-conscious emotions, whilst reacting to one’s situation at the time. Using a doodle as a start point, none of these pictures were built on preconceptions or subjective analysis. The subject grows out of the initial doodle. In some cases, an artist may take a number of years to fully understand or comprehend its true meaning.

This exhibition shows over 50 years of work since being at college. From the early 70’s up to the present day. All of the earlier stuff have had to be reproduced since the originals were either damaged or the materials used are no longer available [i.e. dyeline printing processes]. However, the printing processes may have changed, but they have also very much improved technically.

Tag line
Artist that created doodaism; this is the creation of art, expressing sub-conscious emotions

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