15/11/2019 - 29/11/2019
1:30 pm - 8:00 pm
artFix Woolwich

artFix is honoured to host artist Teofil Barbu for his solo exhibition ‘Soul and Colour’. Teofil explains that the purpose of his artwork is to provide the language of conversation. The exhibition is called Soul-Colour because his soul is transmitted through his bold and striking colours. His art is directly inspired by his own life experiences. His goal with these twelve pieces is to transmit his own abstract message and to allow for communication and conversation.

His method according to himself is ‘simple’, he often doesn’t use an easel and paints head-on, on a flat surface. He engages with his art intimately and the bulk of his creative process is spent selecting his artistic means, his composition and selecting the right shades.

Each piece is very different but what remains consistent is his wish to articulate emotion and meaning.


More than anything this exhibition is not about him but his message to his visitors.

I like miracles!

I started to create a new reality. For me my painting is the expression of my life experience, my philosophy, my culture, my religion and my identity.

I paint to communicate with people I do not know. My exhibition is “Soul and Colour” with the motto:

“When we love, we taste and live the Eternity”.

I live my life as a River, not as a Lake. This is the message for the visitors to my exhibition. Because I paint to help them to change and not to waste their lives.

This is the joy for me and I hope for the visitors to the exhibition too.

Teofil Barbu

November 2019

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