10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Social Transformation Series: Prevention is Better than Cure
10 am – 11 am



Social Transformation Series has been created to bring strong awareness to the youth, young adults and the wider society about daily challenges that are impacting their lives.
The series intends to bring “recognition, hope and forward looking solutions” so that participants can transform their lives.
“Prevention is Better than Cure” is the first talk of the series and will be delivered by Charles Young, founder of LACES.
The speaker will share his personal experience of being involved with the police and prison, the challenges that he went through and how he transformed his life, with the support of his family.
The talk intends to reinforce to society at large that “prevention from social ills is better than cure” and the importance to continuously reinventing themselves towards highest standard of behaviour.
The speaker would also touch on the need for society, to empower themselves with knowledge, develop investment and entrepreneurial capabilities; and to be grateful and spend time with their loved ones.

Overview in Running Your Family Court Case
11 am – 12 pm


Overview in Running Your Family Court Case will be delivered by Ananda Raja, a Family Law Consultant from Winning Child Custody UK. In this talk, the consultant will focus on Socially Responsible and Ethical Separation (“SRES”).
The speaker will emphasize the benefits of amicable separation from the perspective of family finances, children and post separation wellbeing.
As a comparative, the speaker will also provide an insight into a hostile family court separation and the wider impact to finance and children.
The talk will conclude the amicable steps that parties, who intend to separate can take, without the need of solicitors and Family Court.
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