£ 40
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
artFix in Woolwich

About the Event

How many times have you found a ring you like and it doesn’t fit? Or it’s not quite what you are looking for?

Well there’s a solution… make one yourself. In this 2 hour practical silver jewellery making workshop you will learn the basics of silver jewellery, using sterling silver and all the tools of the trade.

In the course of the class you will learn to:

- Thread a piercing saw
- Size your rings
- How to cut your ring to size
- Solder using a blow torch
- Shape using a hammer and mandrel
- File and finish
- Add detail and texture

At the end you will have your very own ring to take home and show off your handy work to friends.


Next available one, at our Greenwich cafe:

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