22/10/2021 - 04/11/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix in Woolwich

‘A Chat with Woolwich’ Exhibition’

A few words from the artist:

“I create in order to understand the world, communicate with it. I grew up in the Congo RDC, am from a Flemish father, a French mother and have chosen to settle in the incredibly mixed environment South East London offers. Here, I feel my connections to Africa remain alive, and elements of all cultures marry. It is that successful dynamic that keeps it real.

    When I arrived in England, I was immediately impressed by it’s equal opportunity laws, then followed the Stephen Lawrence case that lead to a vital uncovering of institutional prejudice.  Black history month has been growing on me year on year and I am planning a body of work for Octobre 2022. Yet this show will already contain paintings that celebrate and explore my relationship to the wonderful black people in my family or neighbourhood I know or admire and who make me feel home. If you live in Woolwich, you might recognise yourself or friends as I sketch and take picture locally then paint from this material. It will also retrace steps to various memories and emotional landscapes from the Congo, France, Belgium and the UK. I work in multi media but prefer Acrylics as a painting medium.”

‘Did you know Captain America lives in Woolwich, and he’s black?’



Enjoy the visuals and enquire about anything you’d like to purchase!





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