3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Artfix Kidbrooke

Join us in celebrating respect and inclusion through performing arts.

Saturday 14th October 
3pm – 6pm


(Theatre Play)

Actors from different backgrounds will perform in ‘Rebel Girls and Rebel Boys’, a new play written by Federica Pannocchia. It tells the story of ordinary children from the past and the present who made something extraordinary. It aims to encourage us all to help one another, and to fight for our ideals and for who we want to be.

Cast: Megan Judge, Amber Keil, Aaral Shrivastava, Ava Wilkinson, Ian Wilkinson, Lisa Loops, Keren Ako, Ryan Kelly, Aramis Azri, Clovis Azri, Mia Elizabeth Leader, Melika Alizade, Giovanni Parisella, Farah Afful, Charmaine Mayeto-Medina, Ava Moule, Saoirse Wyse, Willow Cross, Francky G Lamine, Isabelle Grace, Bella Stenton-Williams, Ava Beresford, Mary Koiava, Taz Rahman.

WORKSHOP, by director Melissa Hurry.

Title: Understanding the symptoms of burn-out and how to manage this effectively.

The workshop is open to everyone. At the end you will also have the opportunity to ask Melissa some questions. Melissa is a film director and script-writer.

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‘A Bridge to Anne Frank’ is a registered non-profit founded by Federica Pannocchia. It is the Italian partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Its aim is to encourage us to learn from the errors of the past to build a
better society today.

It also provides assistance to children in need. The non-profit collaborates with Holocaust Survivors and various Foundations. It runs numerous educational projects fighting against racism, violence, bullying, indifference, and discrimination.

Instagram: @unponteperannefrank


Federica Pannocchia

Director and script writer, “Children without childhood” and “Rebel Girls and Rebel Boys”.

Creator of the short movie ‘Il nostro nome è Anna’ (‘Our name is Anna’) and Executive Director of the Italian non-profit ‘Un ponte per Anne Frank’ (‘A Bridge to Anne Frank’)

“When I was 13 years old, I read the book ‘Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl’ and I immediately felt very close to Anne Frank’s values. In 2013 I was able to get in contact with Buddy Elias, Anne Frank’s cousin. I told him my dream of founding an Italian non-profit under the name of Anne Frank, that would have encouraged us to remember all the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, which also would have helped to better understand our daily choices and to fight against any form of discrimination, bullying, indifference, racism, fear and violence. Buddy immediately supported me. I opened my non-profit in 2014.”

Today it is the Italian partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It is called ‘Un ponte per Anne Frank’ (‘A Bridge to Anne Frank’). My non-profit collaborates with schools, holocaust survivors and museums through meetings, workshops and more.

I also am a script writer and in 2020 I had the idea of the short film ‘Il nostro nome è Anna’ (‘Our name is Anna’), which has been produced by two Italian professional movie producers. It has been released in 2021.

“In 2024 I will be featured in the international documentary ‘The voice of Memory’ by Giuseppe Mazzola. I live in London and I fight daily to build a better world.”

Instagram: federica_pannocchia

Melissa Hurry

Melissa is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. She is also a qualified script reader and consultant, and collaborates with film festivals as part of the script consulting and jury committee.

Melissa has also been selected and won awards at multiple film festivals around the world for both of her shorts “Maybe It’s Not…” and “How It Is…”. Currently, she has started working on her new project, “The Beginning…”

Melissa also had a YouTube show and podcast which focused on promoting creative talent in the media and entertainment industries.

Melissa has a strong passion for well-being, diversity in film and media, and a drive for creating a more ethical way of working within the industry. Her mission is to ensure that creativity is produced in the most positive environments for everyone.

Instagram: @themelhurry


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