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02/11/2020 - 31/12/2021
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Rayhan Miah’s artwork for sale

artFix is proud to present the unique artwork of Rayhan Miah



Title: ‘London View’
Description: London view impressionist style paint by numbers
Price: £110


Title: ‘Grand Sultan’
Description: Impressionistic style painting of Grand Sultan, one of the most prestigious resorts in Bangladesh
Price: £110


Title: ‘Abuelo’
Description: Abuelo realistic style drawing in pencil and charcoal
Price: £450
Wooden frame


Title: ‘Sunflowers’
Description: Sunflowers impressionistic style in oil pastels and paint
Price: £450
Golden frame

The artwork

‘London View’
Spend some time in London, England, and enjoy the best in British wall art with this London View Original Art Oil Painting.  Simple yet versatile, this architectural art makes for stunning wall decor for your home or office.  This British wall art piece is a simple tribute to the stunning beauty of the large city of London, England.
Give this fantastic British wall art to the person in your life that loves architectural art and urban settings!  It is sure to be his or her most beloved England oil painting for many decades to come!  Created by the artist with a feel for the beauty of London and with an impressionist art feel, this British art is an homage to the “The City.”
‘Grand Sultan’

You won’t be feeling blue when you gaze upon this stunning oil painting on your wall with this Never Ending Beauty in Blue Abstract Oil Painting – Original Art. Inspired by a visit from the artist to his homeland of Bangladesh, this hand-painted art is a stunning tribute to the beauty that surrounds the countryside of his home country.

Perfect as blue home decor, this Bengali wall art is a one of a kind piece that hails from a mind deep in reflection. This modern art will be sure to bless your abode with the best of both worlds – fantastic wall decor and a fantastic piece of original art.


Throwback to a time when human figure art was all the rage, and we would revel in the beauty that is both the human body and also the human soul with this Portrait of Wisdom Charcoal Wall Art – Original Art. Featuring the detailed medium of male figure art, this charcoal sketch is the ideal way to celebrate the grandiosity of the human species.

This human figure art will be sure to please all that appreciate the raw beauty of portrait artistry!  This black and white art will be sure to adorn your walls with the wisdom of the world that can only come through the eyes of those that have seen it all. Join the artist in his appreciation of portrait art with this stunning portrait wall art piece.
Allow yourself to bask in the beauty of sunflowers and enjoy a fantastic piece of original art with this Surreal Sunflowers Oil Painting – Original Art.  This modern art piece is sure to make heads turn when your guests see this fantastic contemporary art.  Created in the well-loved medium of impressionist art, this primary colour piece is a great way to express your love of sunflower art and enjoy summer.
Great for modern home decor, this sunflower painting is sure to be a unique oil painting that will accentuate your modern home decor! Take a trip through a lovely field of sunflowers with this stunning piece of visual art from the very talented artist, Rayhan Miah.

The artist

Rayhan Miah is a self taught artist from London. Since the age of 4 he has had a passion for drawing and visual arts after seeing his teacher draw a figurative image in vibrant colours.

His artistry is characterised by a concern with depicting the visual impression of the moment, in particular the shifting effect of light and colour. His work seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction. He is inspired by movements ranging from Realism to Impressionism.

Rayhan uses pigmented ink, charcoal, oil paint in a practice that combines traditional and photo realistic drawing styles. Rayhan’s work combines a unique mixture of self taught methods, inspired by classical painting, a his perspective on the contemporary world.

Feel free to also navigate through his online exhibition: Rayhan Miah’s Virtual Gallery

Ticket Type Price Spaces
#1 - 'London View'
Impressionist style paint by numbers
#2 - 'Grand Sultan'
Impressionistic style painting of Grand Sultan, one of the most prestigious resorts in Bangladesh
#3 - 'Abuelo'
Realistic style drawing in pencil and charcoal Wooden frame
#4 - 'Sunflowers'
Sunflowers impressionistic style in oil pastels and paint Wooden frame