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Becoming a mother is a very special and personal journey. A time of change and great transformation. A yoga practice can empower women, helping you to become more familiar with your body/how it works. A yoga practice promotes and improves good health for mums to be, and benefiting baby.

Other benefits include:
• management of conditions such as tiredness, sciatica, pelvic girdle pain
• breathing exercises can increase energy levels and be useful during stages of labour and birth
• Stretching the body, creating space and releasing tension
• Improving strength helping expectant mother support growing baby weight and preparing for birth
• Improves posture and helps body adapt to growing baby
• Supportive community to share knowledge/experiences with
• Practice birthing breath and positions
• Provides relaxation and time to enjoy connection with baby

About Instructor:
Qualified and Experienced Pregnancy Yoga & Yoga Teacher. I am a warm, friendly soul dedicated to teaching yoga making a real difference to people’s lives. My intention and passion includes making people feel good whilst developing their strength, stamina, mobility, flexibility and balance. Yoga is great for the mind, body and soul and I love sharing this with others.
Yoga has changed my life! I take great pride in sharing my knowledge and experience of yoga with expectant mothers supporting them on their journey. Yoga is a holistic life practice helping which can help new mothers enjoy their journey and beyond. I am creative with sequencing and offer lots of modifications to ensure sessions are accessible for all.

How the session will be lead:
Setting the scene is important to me, so expect the room to be well prepared for your arrival. I love to use essential oils throughout sessions, creating a relaxing aura. You will be welcomed into a safe space, where expectant mothers can share and get to know each other.
Weekly sessions include pranayama (breath work), warm ups followed by a gentle flow of yoga poses. On the day, you may need to have a good stretch or perhaps relieve some tension; I will adapt and modify sessions to meet your needs, increasing vitality and reducing stress. There will be many opportunities to strengthen the pelvic floor amongst other parts of the body. We always end with a relaxation, which is one of the favourites. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced yogi, I would love to meet you!

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