5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
artFix Greenwich

Painting Workshop

with Carlos Gualo

Join us for a 2 hour painting workshop with experienced painter from Ecuador, Carlos Gualo.

All materials included, plus you will get a complimentary free drink.

About the Workshop

In the course of the class you will learn about these 5 basic points:

1) Materials: The essential step to know before starting your artwork
2) Drawing: You will learn how to carry out some practical exercises in order to achieve flexibility in your hands
3) Light & Dark: Basic exercises to learn about volume on a flat surface
4) Colours: Learn about primary, secondary and complimentary colours
5) Painting: Learn and practice your first painting about Chromatic Pyramidism, a new trend from Ecuador

About the teacher: 

I am Carlos Gualo, I was born in Chibuleo-Ecuador and I am widely creative and I have an enterprising spirit. I started my career at a young age painting with my fingers. I followed my studies in painting at Colegio de Bellas Artes in Ecuador, where I was the only indigenous person wearing a poncho.

I didn’t know how to speak Spanish that well, and I felt like an outsider and discriminated at times due to my looks and roots, but I was lucky to have opportunities to reach Spain and London and grew the knowledge of techniques. I use vibrant and strong colours to represent my culture. I came from an indigenous background, and through my art I want to represent my indigenous culture.

Carlos has also published a book about his unique painting techniques and is available to purchase online:






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