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artFix in Woolwich


Live performances

For the first time ever the short film
‘Our name is Anna’ will premiere in London


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FREE and OPEN to EVERYONE (8 years old and over)
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In Memory of the Holocaust

It brings Anne Frank’s values into our society today, encouraging us to reflect on our responsibilities and on the importance of remaining our true selves. The screening will happen during an event that celebrates inclusion, respect, kindness, and acceptance.
An afternoon full of live performances, a screening, and a workshop. Together, we will learn from the errors of the past to build a better society today.

The Event:


During the event, actors of different ages will perform live in a line-up that encourages us to reflect on our daily choices, past and present. Remembering the importance of helping one another, and to live our lives to the fullest. It is never too late to start improving our world, starting with small acts of kindness. And we can be the start.



The short film is an Italian production. It premiered at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and twice in Italy. It had (and continues to have) screenings in different schools reaching international students.
Now, it is coming to London!
Winner of numerous movie Awards including; the Diploma for the Importance of Equality; honourable mention at the Athens International Art Film Festival; best film at the he Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival; best short movie at the Vesuvius International Film Fest.

Time: 20 minutes
Genre: Drama
Year: 2021
​Language: ITA –Subtitle ENG
Country of Production: Italy

Directed by: Mattia Mura Vannuzzi
A Studio Emme and Helix Pictures production
Produced by: Sergio and Sara Martinelli, Ottavio Mura
Cast: Ludovica Nasti, Adelmo Togliani, Serena Bilanceri, Claudio Mazzenga e Licia Amendola
Story by: Federica Pannocchia
Screen play: Cristiana Bertolotti, Mattia Mura Vannuzzi, Federica Pannocchia
Line producers: Gianluca & Marco Bertogna
Production manager: Ottavio Mura
Screenplay Cristiana Bertolotti, Mattia Mura Vannuzzi, Federica Pannocchia
Director of photography: Stefano Giacomuzzi
Costume designer: Cristiana Da Rold
Original music by: Alberto Martino

Anne Frank is the symbol of all the children who were victims of the Shoah (holocaust) but also of those who continue to be discriminated against. Her values are shared through the eyes of a contemporary teenager named Anna.
At the end of the screening there will be a Q&A with Federica Pannocchia (creator and screenwriter of the short film ‘Our name is Anna’)


The workshop has a contemporary focus, and links to the Holocaust Memorial Day theme for 2023, ‘Ordinary People’. As the Frank family were in many ways an ordinary family, who happened to live in extraordinarily difficult times.  

It is open to children and adults.


Learn more about our work


‘A Bridge to Anne Frank’ is a registered non-profit founded by Federica Pannocchia. It is the Italian partner of the Anne
Frank House in Amsterdam. Its aim is to encourage us to learn from the errors of the past to build a better society today.
It also provides assistance to children in need. The non-profit collaborates with Holocaust Survivors and various Foundations. It runs numerous educational projects fighting against racism, violence, bullying, indifference, and discrimination.

Instagram: @unponteperannefrank


Federica Pannocchia
Creator of the short movie ‘Il nostro nome è Anna’ (‘Our name is Anna’) and Executive Director of the Italian non-profit ‘Un ponte per Anne Frank’ (‘A Bridge to Anne Frank’)

“When I was 13 years old, I read the book ‘Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl’ and I immediately felt very close to Anne Frank’s values. In 2013 I was able to get in contact with Buddy Elias, Anne Frank’s cousin. I told him my dream of founding
an Italian non-profit under the name of Anne Frank, that would have encouraged us to remember all the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, which also would have helped to better understand our daily choices and to fight against any form of discrimination, bullying, indifference, racism, fear and violence. Buddy immediately supported me. I opened my non-profit in 2014.”

Today it is the Italian partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It is called ‘Un ponte per Anne Frank’ (‘A Bridge to Anne Frank’). My non-profit collaborates with schools, holocaust survivors and museums through meetings, workshops and more.
I also am a script writer and in 2020 I had the idea of the short film ‘Il nostro nome è Anna’ (‘Our name is Anna’), which has been produced by two Italian professional movie producers. It has been released in 2021.
Now, it is coming to London.

“In 2023 I will be featured in the international documentary ‘The voice of Memory’ by Giuseppe Mazzola. I live in London and I fight daily to build a better world.”

Instagram: federica_pannocchia


Gillian Walnes Perry
Speaker, educator & writer. Co-founder of Anne Frank Trust UK; CEO for 26 years.

Starting up the Anne Frank Trust as a one-person operation in 1990, when I retired as Director of the Trust in March 2016, I was proud to see its team of 35 people educating over 40,000 young people a year in some of Britain’s most economically deprived and socially divided areas, training teenagers and giving them the confidence and skills to become socially active citizens. During my years leading the organisation, I oversaw the staging of nearly 200 public exhibitions and planned many national educational campaigns and projects, including the introduction of national Anne Frank Day; of the Anne Frank Declaration, signed by world leaders and major celebrities, and the national Anne Frank Tree planting programme.

I have done innumerable TV and radio interviews over the years, written extensively for newspapers and delivered many speeches and lectures. I have spoken at Anne Frank exhibitions in places as far reaching as Hong Kong, Argentina, South Africa and Brazil. I now spend my time speaking and lecturing, writing and advising non profits and organisations – both in the UK and US. And loving it!



Samantha Cull
Presenter and actress

I have a passion for performing which goes back to childhood. I have expressed that passion through acting, singing, dancing and also modelling, all of it influenced by my multi-cultural family and my time living in various parts of England, including Milton Keynes, London, Hertfordshire & Essex, where I live now. I studied two G.C.S.E.s whilst a single parent, I spent a year studying law and also attended the Middleweek Newton Academy in London. I am an adventurous soul who loves art and animals, I am a mother of five and love spending time with my family and my pets.

Instagram: @actresssamanthacull

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