26/11/2021 - 09/12/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix Greenwich

The Exhibition

A solo exhibition by Valentinos Antoniou
Abstract paintings that are focused on emotional challenges we experience on a daily basis.

“We live in a very competitive world and we are constantly on a mission. We live in a society that is focused primarily on goals that never end. We constantly have to prove ourselves and our lives can be very stressful.
The exhibition consists of 20 paintings, that explore different emotions and feelings we go through, while we live our lives in this contemporary age. By exploring those emotions and becoming aware of our experiences, we tend to overcome many situations in life or simply accept them. The media used for the works are mainly oil colours and in some cases objects.”


The Artist

Valentinos is an abstract artist based in London. He has exhibited his work in several European Countries and his work is known for exploring contemporary issues. His background of sculpture and design allows him to explore abstract art in a diverse and non traditional ways. His work focuses on the complexity of challenges and underlying emotions we face on a daily basis, and it explores how we define ourselves in this contemporary age. He uses thick layers of oil colours and sometimes objects to the point that his work becomes three dimensional. The process is always different and each artwork has it’s own story.

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