21/12/2023 - 28/12/2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Artfix Greenwich

Nina Kaur Exhibition

Thursday 21st December 2023

Opening Night Friday 22nd December 6pm – 9pm

About the Artist
Nina, a late-night painter and conceptual artist, holds a position as an Art Lecturer and educator in South East London. She integrates design principles into her art, emphasizing the role they play in shaping our psychological and emotional internal landscape. Believing in a balance of both masculine and feminine forces, Nina sees art as nourishment for the soul and design as facilitator for the ease of our physical world.
Having lived and attended St Alfege school in Greenwich, Nina’s creative abilities were discovered by others. Her journey into selling art began when students expressed interest in her work, sharing personal competition victories and requesting one-on-one lessons and copies of her pieces.
Her commissioned art involves a meticulous process before the brush meets the canvas, particularly in creating portraits. Experiencing a loss, Nina’s approach to portraits has shifted. She prefers to capture the essence of individuals using colour and tone, foregoing distinctive features, as she believes the feeling of being together is what resonates when mourning or remembering someone.
Nina presents a snapshot of her evolving identity as an artist, exploring themes of spirituality, feminine energy, and the afterlife.

About this Exhibition  
Feminine energy has not been consciously viewed as an equal force as masculine energy over the centuries. The recent global push for individuals to live our truth, along with the loss of her mother and ques from the universe have acted as a catalyst for her artistic reawakening. This newfound courage has enabled her to share the evolution of her work over the past year. Nina, hopes her art can uplift spirits, inspiring minds, and challenge the status quo.
Embark on a poetic journey of self-discovery, guided by a mother’s enduring love. Some pieces unravel a tapestry of emotions, woven with threads of loss and the resilient spirit that emerges. While others are intuitive and expressive. A homage to the maternal force transcending the physical, resonating in unseen realms. The power of a protective mother unfolds, acting as a guardian in both the tangible and mystical worlds.
Feel the essence of love and an ethereal dance expressing fun and compassionate hues breathing life into sombre notes of grief.

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