11:00 am - 12:00 pm
artFix Woolwich
Postnatal yoga uses breath, a strong foundation, movement, balance and relaxation to allow the mum’s body to recover from pregnancy and birth. It helps to heal and calm the body and mind, and repair bodily tissues. It is designed for mums with their babies and so incorporates the little ones into the practice, either using yoga asanas to keep the babies entertained in a fun and safe environment, or gently holding the babies as part of the yoga practice itself.
Tickets cost £10 per session, with special offers available if you book 5 or more sessions.
(Block of 5 sessions for £45)
(Block of 10 sessions for £80)
Please email us on info@thrive3.co.uk for more information.


The main benefits of postnatal Yoga:
  • provides a nurturing environment to talk and socialise with other mums
  • promotes bonding between mum and baby
  • restores body confidence
  • calms the nervous system
  • quietens the mind
  • restores hormonal balance
  • helps build up strength in the spine
  • minimises the physical effects of carrying and feeding a baby as well as lifting other heavy baby equipment
  • provides rest and instant relaxation
  • helps reduce anxiety and post natal depression
  • restores the body towards full core strength

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