£350 - £5000
01/11/2020 - 29/11/2021
All Day

Lucia Colella’s artwork


An exhibit of uncensored drawings by a gestural artist with a troubled heart…


Title: ‘The impossibility of truth in the mind of a respected author’
(Unframed )
Material: Pastel/charcoal/graphite on fabriano paper
Size: 151cm length x 105cm width
Price: £450


Title: ‘Covid-19 (the long wait)’
Materials: Pastel = graphite / compressed charcoal on fabriano paper
Size: 128cm length x 92 cm width
Price: £350


Title: ‘Itchycoo Zebra’
(Unframed )
Materials: Pastel/dye & compressed charcoal on fabriano paper
Size: 150cm length x 106cm width
Price: £550


Title: ‘One Day’
Materials: Pencil/ charcoal/ compressed charcoal and pastel on fabriano paper
Size: 150cm lenght x 115cm width
Price: £450


Title: ‘ Iris I love you’
Size: 151cm lenght x 113cm width
Price: £


Title: ‘The swan’s defence’
Size: 151cm length x 122cm width
Price: £



Title: ‘Moondance’
Materials: Charcoal/ graphite & pastel on fabriano paper
Price: £5000

A few words from the artist

I am constantly experimenting in large drawings made upon paper with pastels, graphite, pencil and charcoal. I  love to draw figures of any kind (human, animal, trees,  buildings)…they often start very abstract and over a period of time while working on them they become more recognisable.


I search for expressive mark making in a way that is immediate, raw, and as genuine to the emotion as I can portray as possible.
As an adult we are self guarded in emotional reactions, often we will listen to our logical edited reasoning rather than trust our first sensed raw intuitive response. In some instances we will kick ourselves for suppressing and not listening to our own feelings.


To overcome self censorship of the mind I use music to give a predominant voice to emotion and intuition. Music is a great tool to arouse emotional responses and can keep you in the zone of a certain feeling, sense and memory. It will also distract the mind from it’s suppressive nature. It lets the heart speak openly. The mark making becomes unrestricted and on reflection possesses great intellect, one that  is usually hidden by the mind’s caution.

The Paintings

Itchycoo zebra is a raw, instant response to a joyful, carefree state of being brought on by repeatedly listening to Itchycoo park by Small Faces.
The heart’s logic in hindsight is in the joy it has in finding the form of a zebra. Almost of a child’s view seeing a zebra for the first time. Created in the May lock-down of 2020 as a release from the overbearing fear and pressures of the unknown corona-virus pandemic.
Another drawing created during lock-down was that of “The impossibility of truth in the mind of a respected author”. Actually this piece is wrapped up wholly in yearning. A prayer to be taken seriously in my trade as an artist. Regardless of preconceptions of who I  am, I have the heart and mind of an artist. The song that carried me away to ‘another worldliness ‘ was  Israel Kamawiwi’ole version of ‘somewhere over the rainbow’. I found yearning in his voice which matched the evident expression in the image.


Movement & gesture is essential to make and find the marks I need to explore and express the emotion I want to portray. You will often find me mimicking the moves of my subject because it helps me to understand the anatomical truth of it. The male ballet dancers were drawn from images of Matthew Bourne’s production of Swan Lake, so I was trying very hard to understand both the male body movement and the swans they were in characterising through dance.


‘Iris … I love you’ is an  experimental piece. The mark making was inhibited as I could make it. I wanted to be as unrestricted as possible. I don’t often draw flowers and I wasn’t at all confident about drawing this one ..but there’s something about a purple Iris. I wasn’t concerned about a true likeness, only an essential truth. Drawn to ‘flowers in the rain’ (The Move).

Lucia also does commissioned work upon request, so feel free to contact her for more info: lucia.colellaart@yahoo.com 
Have  a look at some of the work Lucia has done on commission:

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