21/04/2023 - 11/05/2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix Greenwich


Street Photography

An exhibition by Piroska Markus


Public and Free Opening Night
Live music, performances and introduction to the exhibition

Saturday | 22nd April | 17:00 – 19:00
Please see details below

About the Exhibition

This exhibition presents everyday life on the streets of London in an exceptionally personal way.

“The photos help to see moments of our lives somewhat surreally. Looking from the outside with intensive eyes, the photos show the specialness and magic of those moments, which may seem ordinary and average. How we become the centre and the origin of a seemingly random and spontaneous larger space that builds up with us as the starting point, forming from us, creating a life situation with special, and sometimes grotesque meaning. If for no other reason, because someone has noticed the magnetic constellations among the world of the (usually) invisible people.” (Text by Mona Farkas, Visual Artist and

For this exhibition Piroska has chosen pictures of London streets (and other outdoor areas). She considers these images more ‘visual sociography’ than art-photography. She is not trying to create perfect pictures, but tries to capture interesting moments which express the specific atmosphere of a place, showing how people may feel there, while also showing their place – and often lack of place – in our society.


About the Artist

Piroska has been living in London since 1978, when she moved here from Hungary. Piroska has worked in the UK in different organisations for the last 35 years, supporting vulnerable and isolated people, including refugees, homeless people, adults who were abused as children, and people with learning disabilities or mental health problems. This may be the reason why she often notices and captures lonely-looking people in London, although she is very happy when she can take photos of joyful moments too. She says she wants to capture beauty and ugliness in all their forms.

Recently she travelled to Central America where she was teaching English for working children. Some of the her photos of Guatemala and Mexico can be seen on her website.

She occasionally writes poems, novels and political essays, and her writings have been published in a number of countries.

YouTube Channel (with her own films)



Opening Evening

Saturday | 22nd April | 17:00 – 19:00

About the Evening

17:15  |  The Exhibition will be opened by Kemi Adekoya
Kemi Adekoya is a born Londoner of Nigerian heritage. She is an actress, writer and stand up comedian

17:30  |  Music by Raie Band
Raie is a renowned UK artist, singer and songwriter. Her band plays soulful American country music

18:10  |  Two short videos by Piroska Markus

18:30  |  Martin Slidel will talk about the photos and about his artistic collaboration with Piroska
Martin Slidel is a music composer and musician, a writer and the creator of the Playerist literature journal and an organiser of multi-media events

18:45  |  Short video film by Martin Slidel with Piroska’s photos and Martin’s music


Kemi Adekoya-Lofinmakin                                                              Raie


Please note
The exact timing of the program may change slightly, but the cafe will be open and the artists will welcome everyone from 5pm

Food and drinks (inc alcohol) can be bought from Artfix Cafe


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