7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
artFix Woolwich

Glauce in progress, Love in progress” work in progress

based on a text by Sofia Zissi


Who cares about the children? I mean Glauce. Why does she have to die disgraced like that? What did she do wrong? She got the man she wanted.”

The play’s «Glauce» is asking herself. She speaks for the first time. A relationship steeped in myth. Or is it an everyday relationship? A Glauce and a Jason speak with versions of themselves through different dimensions, sometimes live, sometimes on video, the one being here, the other there.

Virtual reality is part of our lives, and part of our relationships as well. Do obstacles in love remain the same? How much are they influenced by conditions and mistakes? In what ways are the characters responsible for it all? Where is the third person? Is it love or a game? What would Medea say if she could hear Glauce speak? Medea stays silent in this play. She’s the person in the next room.

The performance attempts to combine speech, elements of the myth, theatre, video and music in conversation, thus presenting a strange and futile world imbued with the passion of love.

Script | Sofia Zissi

Direction – Video – Art direction | Blue Blonde

Music | Yannis Mallouhos

Actors | Maria Mallouhou – Nikitas Hologitas

Duration | 55′

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