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Impact Consulting offers a powerful solution Customised Business skills Development (CBD) presents our thought leadership in a modular format  to support the creation of enterprising persons in our community to obtain the insights and skills they need to adapt and respond positively to the rapid-social and economic changes our community faces.

During the Business Workshop and Mentoring training , Participant will learn about the essential attributes and resources required to act in an enterprising manner especially with respect to business formation

From the first session, Participant will have the opportunity to apply new insights to the challenges of turning  ideas into a small business and then confer with the facilitator and participant peers about the results at later sessions.
Also participant  will learn why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it. CBD provides a forum to examine problems with developing a small business and crafts solutions for addressing them, enabling you to acquire key insights through experiential learning that you can apply to your own
Participant will be introduced to the three principles of Lean-Start-Up Method of starting a business, learn the things that Participate should do to translate those principles into sound business development practice. If Participant already run a small business, you will learn strategies for growing your business in a stainable way. 

Programme Benefits

A format that works – and lets you keep working Unlike other training courses that are delivered as a one-off high intensive programme, the Customised Business skills Development programme takes place once a week over six months. This modular format allows minimal disruption to daily life and career – and maximizes the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for yourself.
Immediate results and instant feedback
Our programme is developed with practical application in mind, customised for the unique requirements of individuals with little or no formal business training. The modular format of the Customised Business skills
Development means that you can apply the new knowledge to the work you are doing in real time, as the programme progresses. Understanding and clarity on the business development process.
Our programme starts with a focus on what a business is and uses real life case studies to teach the Principles involved in successfully developing and running a small business. Participants leave the programme with knowledge skills and the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Other immediate benefits for Participants :
1. Develop comprehensive understanding of enterprise and entrepreneurism
 2. Strengthen their decision-making skills
3.  Acquire knowledge of the process of searching and finding a business model for translating their idea into a viable business

Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive the
Customised Business Skills Development Certificate


Training is open to  Female from 16yrs and above
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