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artFix Greenwich
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Kinia and Kinior

FREE art show at artFix Greenwich

Kinia & Kinior bring you an artistic two-part event combing auditory and visual art. The first half will be a theatrical performance in which Kinia & Kinior will create ‘The Birds’. The second part will show Kinior, orchestral multi-instrumentalist, playing a concert using different instruments and he has composed the background music especially for this event. Kinia will respond to the sound with her painting and performance. Welcome all lovers of visual arts and music.




A native of Warsaw, Kinga Chrzaszczewska A.K.A. KiniaKik, is an artist who has lived in London and Southern England since 1995. Her work is an expression of her intuitive self, born out of her dreams and emotional response to the world. She is a ‘woman who runs with the wolves’, driven by a spiritual intrigue for the wildness of being, the folk mythology, carnival… and the dream. She responds with colour, shape, tone and texture and within her collage work, a panoply of emotions take shape, including seriousness, humour and playfulness.

With Kinga’s paintings and sculpture we find rich layers of symbolism and reactions to feelings experienced. Her work offers a glimpse into an original and inspired mind. Kinia Kik is a professional award-winning artist, in 2006 she completed a BA honours degree in mixed media fine art and since then Kinga has continued to pursue her career as a serious and dedicated artist. In 2010 in Poland, Kinga was honoured with 1st place at the festival of fine arts workshops at “Wolski Days of Inspiration” by the Polish ministry of culture and national heritage.
Kinga Chrzaszczewska has completed a series of illustrations for “Stopa” an imaginary text written by Pawel Kisza A.K.A.Pawel Aleksander Deszcz published in July 2019. Her artwork has been acquired by collectors across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. She had several individuals and group exhibitions.


A multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer. The artistic personality of multi-instrumentalist Włodzimierz Kinior Kiniorski grew out of jazz and until this day it is a significant element of his music. He won early recognition in the country among musicians, the public and critics. The latter lavished him with awards at jazz festivals in Poland and abroad. The fascination with ethnic, electronic and modern music was added to free-jazz roots. The scenic quality of his music contributes to the fact that Kiniorski’s compositions fit well as musical background in theatre performances. We can hear his music, among others, at the stage of Puppet Clinic Theatre, The Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, The Witkiewicz Theatre in Zakopane.
Due to his artistic consistency, the wider public knows him more as a musician of bands such as: Tiebreak, Graal, Young Power, Izrael or Brygada Kryzys, rather than from his solo achievements. Kiniorski – we will find this surname on the covers of many albums due to his cooperation with Bob Stewart (the world’s first tuba), Steve Kindler (The Mahavishnu Orchestra), Tomasz Stańko, Michał Urbaniak, Stanisław Sojka, Grzegorz Ciechowski or such bands as Daab, Trebunie Tutki or Twinkle Brothers.


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