20/05/2023 - 01/06/2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Artfix Greenwich

Fantastical Worlds

An Exhibition collection by 

Gold Maria Akanbi

This exhibition will be displayed over two locations, Artfix Greenwich and Artfix Woolwich.

Greenwich – In these works created during their British Council x Venice Biennale Fellowship, these works explore the realities of Black overcoming and success; the realities that often when creating art for the public we can never forget the TAST (Transatlantic Slave Trade), this was especially pertinent when Akanbi travelled by boat in Venice nearly every day – the realities of their history, of those that came before them, those who survive and thrived such as Sonia Boyce, the Golden Lion winner and British representative at the Venice Biennale, and finally those who simply decided to release themselves to the bottom of the sea. The use of gold was not simply used in response to Boyce’s work, but is a reference to how something that can bring us so much pleasure can have such a violent history.

More of Akanbi’s project is accessible on their website: #

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Copies of Akanbi’s latest books will also be available.

Woolwich – In these paintings, Akanbi attempts to recreate whole worlds that allow for exploration, renewal, journeying, healing and hope. Based on the concept of a Utopian water worshipping society, these bodies of work were inspired by fantasies of a society of Yoruba Peoples that were never colonised and instead allowed to have their own unique narratives separate from the violence of imperialism. Combining mark making, spiritual and nature-based symbolism, traditional Yoruba adire fabric and an almost psychedelic use of colour, Akanbi’s worlds wish come alive in the minds of viewers, with the use of adire creating a lens into Akanbi’s perspective and ancestral lineage.

Gold Maria Akanbi is a British-Nigerian, neurodiverse and disabled, multidisciplinary/hybrid artist, whose work and research explores alternate timelines, pre-colonial identities and mythologies of the Yoruba peoples and the Global South, alchemy, sacred geometry and fantasy. Taking inspiration from spirituality, mathematics and physics, architecture, indigenous cultures and Black/Brown feminine deities, Akanbi’s work attempts to become a cross-cultural exchange that conveys hope. By working in numerous mediums, they hope to allow the audience to converse with the works, believing that each medium has its own language, such as painting, drawing, film-making, bookmaking, audio, sculpture and installation, Akanbi refuses to truly attempt mastery instead believing that the true essence of an artist lies in the ability to never stop experimenting and exploring various ways of communication.

Having recently graduated from Oxford University, with a scholarship from The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), Akanbi hopes to continue their work in experimentation across various mediums, whilst also continuing to research as a Black academic that majors in Femme Black and Brown histories.

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