4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
artFix Woolwich

The Expressive Arts Group offers creative processes for children age 6+. The activities are FUN, RELAXING and involve the use of IMAGINATION. The value of imagination is immense. There are numerous studies, which show statistically that children who are able to be imaginative have higher IQs and are able to cope better, and that encouraging the children to be imaginative improves their ability to cope and learn.


During one hour of the session children will go through different experiences:


  • Short meditation
  • Journey into fantasy world
  • Creative work, including one of the themes below:
  • Painting
  • Drawing (using pencils, crayons, ink)
  • Lino carving
  • Clay
  • Ending of the session with short feedback and meditation.


The Expressive Arts Group encourages spontaneous honest self-expression, which facilitates natural emotional release, supporting children to have some control over their emotions and not be overwhelmed by them. The aim of expressive art group is to provide safe, caring and accepting space for children to experiment with spontaneous arts.

Session fee – £10, I make a discount for siblings.


The first session is trial, you can pay for one session only and if you like to attend the group, the payment will be taken for a month upfront.



To attend the Art Group register: arts.projects77@gmail.com


The Expressive Art Group is not Therapy Group, if you feel that your child needs a professional support, please seek help in your GP or school asking for psychotherapy or counselling sessions.


About Greta

I am an Art Teacher and Child Psychotherapist (trainee), I have more than 10 years of experience working with children in different environments, including nurseries, school, nature groups and summer camps. I currently run art classes for different age children throughout the year. I am passionate about giving young children the best possible education in life. I provide learning experiences, which develop the creative mind and strength through a deeper connection to inner-world; also reinforce children independence and self-esteem.

I always engaged in continues learning in order to broaden my knowledge and experience.  I am confident, passionate and enthusiastic about working with children.

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