23/11/2018 - 14/12/2018
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artFix Woolwich


24 November – 14 December 2018

Guided Tour

14 December 7.00pm

ArtFix is featuring ‘Expressions’, a solo exhibition by Gulgun Aydogar at ArtFix Gallery, London. The exhibition, which explores human nature with spontaneous colours and brush strokes, is focussing a stunning collection of original acrylic paintings of various sizes.

Join us for a guided tour by the artist on Friday, 14th December at 7.00pm



As a mere nature lover, Gulgun is passioned with the harmony and the balance among the colours of mother nature. She constantly reflects the emotions, interactions and changing processes by integrating nature or focusing on human.

Unlike our grayscale modern lives, she is projecting the life energy and liveliness from striking colours of nature into the human figure. This integration creates an effect on her art which can be described as abstract and partly illustrative pop-art.

Majority of the artworks are focused on woman figures which display all range of feelings, emotions and feminine aesthetics. She describes each new painting as “dancing with the colours while stepping into a new journey as an explorer”. Journeys can occur towards various directions to arrive some metaphoric answers or instant reflections of an inner world.

Just like a daily mood can be changed by a tiny melody, the effects and the strength of her colours re-shapes momentarily. Therefore, she uses acrylic paint in her works which gives her velocity and freedom she requires.

Photography is one of the main sources of inspiration for Gulgun. She uses Magnum photography, Getty images or highly inspirational Vivian Maier’s photographs as the initial point to her paintings and she drags these portraits towards the unknown.


About Gülgün

Born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1965, Gulgun graduated from the Dokuz Eylül Fine Arts University.

Be- ing in the design business for 18 years, Gulgun built her career as an interior designer all the while staying true to her grand passion for painting by establishing and maintaining an art workshop and mentoring fine arts students.

Her experience as both a painter and an interior designer allowed her to achieve an astounding synthesis of colour and space – one that offers a constant exploration of the way in which delicate brushstrokes are reflected within a tridimensional space.

In 2016, together with her son, Guglun moved to London where she currently resides. The move from Turkey to the United Kingdom brought about another shift in her life – her untethered devotion to answer the ever-present calls of a blank canvas took centre stage in her pursuit of harnessing the power of colours. The paintings, ever so resplendent with colourful, passionate brush strokes, allowed her to express her spontaneously changing the inner world.

In recent years, focusing on portraits, Gulgun took upon herself a demanding challenge of transferring onto the canvas the intricate emotions behind facial expressions and body language of a woman. Her portraits represent the interknit of a sensual feminine esthetic with the complex and delicate inner workings of a woman.

Each painting represents and constitutes part of Gülgün’s journey of self-exploration. Each new stroke of paint on canvas feeds the imagination, fuels the will to further explore unmapped corners of the mind, and the next blank canvas is suddenly there waiting, unprompted as if there of its own accord. An enduring quest, and one that Gülgün has embraced wholeheartedly.

In October 2017, she attended the Art Festival TRIBE in OXO Tower organized by Chrome-Art. Currently, she is seeking more opportunities to exhibit/promote her artworks and meet with people who enjoy art.

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