17/05/2021 - 03/06/2021
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix Greenwich

At artFix we are delighted to be showcasing talented local artists and creatives. It is through exhibitions like this that we are able to provide a platform for skilled and multidisciplinary artists like Alexandra Moskalenko.

The ‘Enjoy the Silence’ exhibition invites the viewer to pause and reflect and to celebrate London’s diversity

Alexandra’s mixed media artworks feature an ‘international’ character on a vintage fabric which usually relates to the cultural fusion the figure may feel being ‘immersed’ in – though in a society that sometimes sees them as an ‘outsider’. The large, vibrantly coloured canvases become statement pieces for what ‘fitting in’ or belonging may mean.

A few words from the artist

“I love British culture for its tolerance of eccentric characters, its incredible mix of deeply ingrained traditions, and forward-looking creativity. I am interested in the concept of identity and in what makes a person who they are: nature vs nurture; in how an environment can influence who we are and how in turn we can (positively) influence our environment. I think of my work as a celebration of our diversity and common humanity and as a reflection of the multi-faceted multicultural society we live in”.

Alexandra Moskalenko 2020





Please enjoy the visuals and enquire about anything you’d like to purchase!

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