13/05/2023 - 18/05/2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Artfix Greenwich

Enigma Creative

Exhibition | Art | Music

Come ready to immerse yourself in an outstanding exhibition presenting artwork in different medium by various artist such as digital work, illustration, animation and paintings.


Jack Hamilton
Is an artist and illustrator based on the edge of London. His work is often drawing based  with the pen and ink and often derives from classic cartoon principle.
Instagram: @jack.b.hamilton

Sofia Negri
Animator presenting her award-winning animation. Recent freelance include lead  animator on animated shorts for Amnesty international and Walk Disney.
Instagram: @s.negs

Kate Jayne Olsen
“Art is a way of my expression; I paint whatever I like to look at. I like painting content scenes where you can  feel the expression of the subject or the scene through the painting, mainly I like painting people I love to  register how they interact behave in their usual settings.”
Instagram: @kateesss__ 

Laksitha Siva
Artist who had done several different exhibitions looking at deeper meaning behind men kind  and their emotions. She likes working with mainly watercolour and fine liner. Mainly exploring the human  body and spiritual connection.
Instagram: @laksitha_a0

Ricardo Welch
My work encapsulates my emotions at the time of creation and is a true reflection of me. It allows me to cre ate worlds and narrative of my own with no rules or boundaries. I take inspiration from things that I see on a  day to day basis for example journey in the train, walking down the street, skating or conversation that I have  with people. Lastly my work is me exercising my creative freedom to do and make whatever I want.
Instagram: @not.the.dirtyartist


DJ set | Arthur | Carina | Akira | Kuba | Nina



Sat 13th May 5pm

Free and welcoming to everyone

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