02/12/2022 - 16/02/2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix Greenwich

‘Dance and Movement’ 

An exhibition by Julie & Simon

The Artists

We are Simon and Julie, husband and wife photographers based in London. Our non-conventional and slightly later journey into photography really started when Julie bought Simon a camera some 7 years ago. Having quickly realised she had just lost her husband to a new toy, Julie decided to join in and get her own. The journey had started. Neither of us had any experience or academic background in photography and took a fair while just to figure out what buttons to push. We dabbled in various genres and spent a lot of time and energy taking pictures of people, animals, trees and anything that passed in front of the lens with as you can guess some very mixed results!

As time progressed, we developed our own style focussing on moody portraiture, and our own slightly edgy dark look. This worked for us for a long while and formed a huge part of our photography journey. What we also learnt that we complemented each other very well with Julie’s creative eye balancing Simon’s technical approach.


The Exhibition

So having spent years taking pictures of people and faces, one day, by sheer chance, we fell into the world of dance. Now this was an area we had never really explored mainly because most dance photography in our eyes centred on static images of dancers which wasn’t our style. We wanted to try something different and so mixed things up with the lighting, and exposure and tried to capture active movement and textures which has resulted in this body of work. Our dance photography has concentrated on creating painterly, slightly abstract images across a range of dance disciplines and we are loving what we are creating. We could talk at length about inspirational photographers and what has pushed us in this direction but we can’t really define it at all. Our own personal journey took us here and we enjoy creating because we can and hope to inspire others along the way – that’s our motivation.

This is our very first exhibition. We have never dreamt about showing any of our work at all but as a result of the encouragement of all those creatives we have worked with over the past year, including dancers and fellow photographers, we finally built up the confidence to share what we have been doing with a wider audience. We hope you enjoy our work.


Instagram: @jascphotographyuk

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