03/06/2022 - 16/06/2022
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
artFix Greenwich

The Flow of the Soul

An Exhibition by Bozena Krasowska

The Artist

Bozena Krasowska (Koj) is a British artist born in Poland. She came to England in 2004. It is hard to say when exactly she discovered her passion for art. She has been drawing ever since she can remember and painting in oil since her teenage days.

In early 2012 she signed up for ‘Drawing and Painting’ course at Morley College London. It was there that under the mentor Denzil Forester she developed new techniques and ways of painting. The classes gave her the opportunity to work with others who shared her passion. She studied in Denzil’s class for 3 years.

After leaving Morley College she has been working at home in her art studio finding painting and drawing as a way of calming her mind and expressing her soul, and filling her heart with blissful joy.



Her artwork was recently presented in Capital Art Gallery in Eltham London and in Studio Sienko Gallery in Central London. She showed her work in artFix twice before. Her first solo exhibition Soul Melody 2019 at artFix Woolwich was very successful, so she decided to be back again with new incredible artwork.


The Exhibition

(the artist’s words)

This is my third solo exhibition with artFix and the artwork presented is an experience with no rules or boundaries, just a “letting go” in order to find my flow, my joy, my truth and power. 

My work exudes a sense of serenity and peace. The colours are bold and vibrant and yet blend together with love and passion for creation. 

I hope you will enjoy seeing my art as much I was when painting it. 

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Opening Night:
3rd June | 17:00 – 19:00
Free and open to public


Enjoy the visuals and enquire about anything you’d like to purchase!

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