Supporting Grassroots Arts and Everyday Creativity


We support locals on a daily basis to conceive, create, test and showcase their ideas by offering opportunities for experimentation, learning, collaboration and exposure. Through our cafe, school, workspace and venue, emerging artists from our local communities form teams, develop their skills, work on their projects and reach new audiences.

Art Therapy

We partner with local upcoming artists to help those struggling with mental and physical ailments like dementia, autism and depression through the mediative power of art therapy, while supporting the local organisations that aid them.

A Day in the Life…

In collaboration with local artists, community groups and small business, we craft three-dimensional creative documentaries of life in some of South East London’s burgeoning areas to artistically represent what it is like to live and work in communities such as Woolwich, Greenwich and Kidbrooke. 

Junior Arts & Crafts Club

We offer arts and crafts classes to toddlers, children and teenagers to cultivate curiosity, creative thinking, problem solving and innovation while emphasizing self-expression, experimentation, communication and collaboration. We work with local families, autistic children associations and local schools to deliver a wide range of fine, visual, performing arts and crafts workshops and after school sessions.

Our Junior Arts & Crafts club is led by local artists who are passionate about motivating children in their communities to explore a variety of mediums and techniques, including painting, drawing, installations, photo collage, pottery, free style painting, dance, music, theatre, gardening to collaborate with their peers and express their own unique ideas in a friendly and fun environment.


Creative Incubator

The artfix Creative Incubator is dedicated to young and emerging talents practicing any creative form. The Incubator aims at investing on participants’ business acumen, providing them with the tools for developing long-term and sustainable careers in the creative sector.


Offering business training, mentoring, networking and consultancy opportunities in production, project management, marketing, communication, fundraising, accounting and legal service as well as a permanent hub/studio for experimentation, rehearsing and showcasing their work, we encourage emerging creators to develop new innovative work and secure the maximum level of exposure.


Sensory Garden @ Woolwich

Our Sensory Garden in our Woolwich space is designed to promote physical well-being and mental health. Our plan is to create a fully multi-sensory garden that can trigger stimulation with colours, smells, sounds and touch with nature so that we bring feelings of calmness, reduce stress and enhance the physical wellness of our local community providing, at the same time, a space for reflection and socialisation with others.