Lucia Colella Solo Exhibition

Lucia initially Trained at Chelsea school of Art, North Oxfordshire College & school of art, & De montfort University.
Lucia is a regular artist in residence at artfix often seen drawing or painting live at the artfix easel.
She has previously painted scenery for different theatre productions ( The Gate theatre /The young Vic/ The Jermyn Street theatre) and painted theatre costumes for productions of Beauty and the beast /Riverdance and Cats.
She has exhibited regularly at Blackheath and Charlton..And North of London at the Menier gallery  (London Bridge) and The Espacio Gallery (Bethnal Green).
She has taught students rudimentary expression with experimental methods in gesture and freedom at the Strand, King’s college,  London.
Most recently she has lent her talents to the Royal borough of Greenwich facilitating artworks with local communities, culminating in a successful exhibition of printmaking, sculpture and installation at the woolwich centre library.
The artist retains copyright on all works sold.

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Spread the Love!

Help us spreading the love

As a firm believer in the power of creativity to inspire social progress, artFix is always seeking ways to encourage positive change within its community.

As well as supporting creative self-expression, we also want to inspire kindness and communication among people.

Starting February 14, our Spread the Love campaign is our umbrella project to achieve this via two modest but tangible actions at the Café; a Generosity jar and a Conversation Station.

In this way we’ve extended Valentine’s day from its restrictive and solely romantic associations, advocating love and support towards all, strangers and those in need. The initiative advocates generosity as well as communication.

Generosity Jar – Offer suspended coffees/ food with us

Enjoying our coffees/food? Why not spread the love and buy another one for someone you can’t afford it? Simply put a little extra cash or the suspended coffee/food receipt into our jar and we’ll use it for someone in need.

As well as supporting creative self-expression, we also want to inspire kindness and communication among people, especially within our surrounding community in Woolwich.

The Generosity Jar allows for customers to buy a coffee/food for another who may need it. Spend an extra £2 or more and leave your receipt in the jar to allow someone else to enjoy a “suspended coffee/food”. As city dwellers often fixed and anchored to our phones, we often forget to interact with those around us. We seldom strike up friendly conversations or encourage familiarity with those in our surrounding community. Arguably, we have lost a sense of community by restricting ourselves to our headphones and holding ourselves back from integrating with wider society. In this way we’ve also introduced a Conversation Station at the Café in artFix Woolwich.

Conversation Station at the Café in artFix

This station is active between 4-6pm daily to encourage casual or thought provoking conversations between those willing to further connect with their local community.

So please, come down to artFix and enjoy the café/food and gallery space for yourself. Strike up a conversation and contribute towards your wider community.

Spread the Love!

Much love,

artFix team

A Day in the Life: Arts & Story-Telling in the Woolwich Community

In the recent months artFix has been developing an artistic showcase, presenting life in one of South East London’s burgeoning communities – Woolwich. We’ve been organising and administering weekly workshops with local art practitioners to work with members of the local community to showcase their artistic rendition of what it’s like to live and work in Woolwich. Mentors from various different spheres of the creative arts have been working with community groups and locals, collecting their stories and helping them shape their experiences into artwork.

The project has been funded by the Royal Borough of Greenwich Community Art Fund.

We’re honoured to be working with;

  • Sandra Marques, a photographer and bookmaker, who’s been working with members from Gallion’s View Care Home and Woolwich residents.
  • Robert Pierce, from Petite Pantos, a professional performer, writer and director who’s been working with members of the English Express Group, 7th Plumstead Brownies and 7th Plumstead Guides to create engaging performance pieces depicting our “story-tellers” lives in Woolwich.
  • Tatiana Ellis – author, rap-artist, musical director. She is also the founder and co-ordinator of the R.O.M.E.L foundation – she has has been working with Rosebud Centre for girls, Black Majority Ethnicity Volunteers and RevolYOUtion to create original pieces reflecting our participants experiences in the community.
  • Lucia Colella, a talented visual artist and regular artist at residence at artFix who has been working with Friends of Woolwich Common, Women in Sheds and Autistic Inclusive Meets to create visually evocative pieces describing and showcasing their experience.

These workshops have been taking place routinely during the past few months. The given mentors for each group have been working closely alongside our ‘story-tellers’ to prepare their given pieces for our ‘A Day in The Life’ artistic tour. This will be taking place this month on Saturday the 18th of May. During the ‘A Day in the Life’ tour the story-tellers would present their creations in front of a live audience. Members of the public will be able to self-guide themselves around Woolwich to experience the area, learning about its most integral feature – its community. During this day artFix is also offering free workshops along with the given exhibitions and performances as part of the GET CREATIVE Festival. The day’s itinerary and further details can be found at

This day will be filmed and the footage will be used to create a more traditional documentary that will allow theevent to be preserved and celebrated in the future. The release of the documentary will create an opportunity to once again invite the mentors, the story-tellers, the volunteers as well as the general public to celebrate Woolwich and its people once again.


The project is rooted in artFix’s own inherent and core principles; it’s based on the strong belief in the essential role that the arts and culture play in the life of any successful community.Our aim is to help create a stronger community in Woolwich through sharing experiences and engagement with the arts. In this way the ‘A Day in the Life’ project will foster interactions among community members, artists, art organisations and existing community establishments. The shared experiences will empower the community, celebrating self-expression via the arts, encouraging a greater understanding between Woolwich locals, challenging miscommunication, assumptions and ignorance. The project not only benefits the wider community but also the story-tellers and contributors themselves. Participants involved in the project, through free workshops, will also develop new creative and artistic skills which would inevitably contribute to their personal development and wellbeing.

By sharing their everyday experiences with the wider community in an artistic way, participants, as well as the general public, will be able to connect to each other and to the wider Woolwich and Greenwich community, enabling a sense of belonging and strengthening a sense of community.

Join us on the 18th for a day of workshops, performances, projections and installations created by the Woolwich community during the past few months!

In our community and at artFix, everyone can Live Everyday Life as a Work of Art.




Here is the link:

Tabita, Healing:

Recently, artFix was honoured to showcase Healing, a solo exhibition by visual artist Tabita Cargnel featuring both her past and current works. The exhibition’s launch was fantastic. Visitors roamed the gallery, wine glass in hand, peering and pondering on the pieces. Tabita too, ambled along the white walls gazing into her works, but also revelling in the buzzing atmosphere.

Tabita’s artistry encompasses painting, photography, robotics and active installations, among many other fields. This exhibition features her paintings as well as her sculptural pieces. Tabita explains that installations talk to the viewer through more senses; ‘Two dimensional visual art can only be experiences through sight whereas installation art can be explored in a three dimensional way; the visual, acoustic and tactile. The more senses used in an experience of any given art, the quicker the learning process and the stronger the memory will stick in the users mind.’ This sculptural element is not only evident in her installations but also in her two-dimensional works as she explains: ‘ I like the possibility to go sculptural, to have thicker paint that can built up easily.’ Her work has an obvious three-dimensional quality, configuring itself outside the page as well as within it. This embossed quality builds colour as well as texture on the surface of the works, creating different images and different depths.


Her recent works are comprised of abstract paintings, interactive installations and sketches exploring the emotions associated with healing and being. Her work bridges the gap between art and technology to create sincere and evocative pieces. Walking through the gallery you can really tell that her work demonstrates the emotive, the delicate – a display of the internal, personal nuances of feeling and sentiment. When talking to Tabita she explains: ‘When I paint, I visualise my emotions. Good ones, bad ones. Undefinable ones? Sometimes I don’t even know what I feel, the process is very intuitive. When there are unsolved tensions, they can be solved through painting. For me, the paintings that result from strong unsolved emotions are usually my strongest works.’

Pieces like EMBRACE, SUMMER and THERE, regardless of context, exude a sense of comfort and warmth. The tones and impressions created by acrylic induce a sense of familiarity and serenity. EMBRACE, (Acrylic on foamboard, 23 x 33 inches) in particular, establishes a certain tenderness through its exploration of layers and warm colours. The darker brown imitates a vignette of photography and brightens the warm yellow that shines through in the centre. Evident throughout quite a few of her pieces is a certain presence of the solar illuminating the page. This is particularly evident in DIVE, SUMMER and WORLDS where in which a spherical warm colour strikes the page. Her painting DIVE, (Acrylic on canvas, 101x 82cm) comments on freedom. The piece is an intensely hued and captivating painting depicting a white bird in flight in the centre of a blue background, surrounded by a scarlet orange ring. Despite the vibrant backdrop illustrated, Tabita creates a deliberate focus on the bird in flight in this painting. The bold red outline along with the vignette effect created further navigate the audience to the middle of the painting. Through its focus on the white bird gliding, the painting evokes hope, opportunity and liberation. Tabita adds that ‘the red circle represents the sun, a fireball, a ball of passion.’ – this illuminating, solar component that is seen repeatedly throughout her work.

Additionally, there is a prevailing sense of contrast in her works. This is particularly significant in the piece THERE (Acrylic on paper, 21.69 x 16.54 inches)  where the cool, blue tones juxtapose the warmer contours on the page. The artwork depicts a hug shared between two people at night time, drawn in a fiery orange-red. Layering over the red, are linear blue strokes, underlined with horizontal scratches to depict the rain. Tabita explains that the red shines through because it was applied earlier causing the paper to soak the red. Even when scratching off the blue the red still remains. Through its process, as well as its visuals, the work suggests the durability of love and affection depicted by the bold red on the page, even amongst the cold blue rain. The scratch in itself creates an absence of paint, resulting in thin white lines adding even more texture to this piece. Despite the scratching there is a certain softness and tenderness to this painting. The vertical blue strokes, varied in shade, create a sense of motion further asserting the endurance of kindness.

More than anything her work is unconditionally expressive. There is a clear sense of the linear created throughout her work. In many of her works Tabita has developed a discernible linear quality; this is apparent in pieces such as TO BE DANCED, WATERFALL, RELIEF RAIN, FLOATING, THERE, AWAK, HEALING, RAINY DAY, MINT LOOKS, EMBRACE, REFLECTIONS, SUMMER and DIVE.  Tabita explains that ‘I see the horizontal line in a visual as a timeline. When we look at a visual, we “read” it like we read a book.’ This is particularly interesting when looking at pieces such as REFLECTION (Acrylic on canvas, 8.27 x 8.27 inches + 11.26 x 16.54 inches + 8.27 x 8.27 inches). This trilogy of abstract paintings is about feelings. It was created during a live session among friends. It happens to be one of the first works Tabita created in London. There is a clear linear quality to these pieces. It’s almost as if the light blue sky and its clouds, creating a horizontal impression, are intersected with short vertical strokes of deep green and dark yellow. It is almost as if Tabita is painting over the cloudy skies of London, creating new impressions and new interactions between colours and lines – the colours blue and yellow have somewhat interacted and transformed into a deep green in the same way the vertical and horizontal and vertical lines converge and small layered strokes.


Come see the great artwork on display while you can!

Until next time,


Sophie Venturini Exhibition

Earlier this month, June 2019,  we were delighted to showcase a solo exhibition by Sophie Venturini from Thames Side Studios.

The exhibition focuses on a collection of her works including paintings, drawings and ceramics. As an independent artist Sophie has brought to life a range of her own original content. Sophie enjoys working with bright colours and has a keen interest in expressing herself through bold colours and striking mark making. This is evident in her abstract and figurative works, often articulating emotional and imaginative content.

   The launch was stimulating and the evening was spent with Sophie wandering amongst the guests, conversing and exploring each piece. The street lights had ignited, the gallery spotlights were sparked onto the pieces and the guests peered inquisitively into each and every piece. Sophie is keen on the dialogue and interactions made between the art and the audience. She spent the evening, wine glass in hand, connecting and communicating with everyone – considering their own interpretations and inferences.


The Entrepreneur catches the eye as soon as you walk in the gallery. The portrait embodies a young sophisticated man dressed in a suit and tie. The piece has a sketch like quality with lines and colours layered on top of one another, making impressions and contours. Most of her strokes and shading have been made in red, a bold and compelling colour to use. The piece is also heavily highlighted with neon. Sophie explains that the neon is expressive of the modern era, symbolising a protest against the traditional red. This new generation of modernity is vibrant and assertive, it is sophisticated and exudes confidence. The man’s countenance is bold and dominates the empty space. The multi-coloured quality of this piece further suggests the multi-faceted and different characteristics we inhabit that complicate former definitions of identity. The colours struggle to keep in their lines in the same way we resist from definitions and restrictions outlining and labelling us constantly in society. 

Another captivating piece is Mother of the Birds which explores motherhood and the maternal. Sophie Venturini explores her own experiences of maternity and motherhood in this painting. The painting features a woman in the foreground surrounded by birds that seem to be caressing her as she holds them in her arms. This piece considers the two-way relationship of motherhood; not only is the mother holding and supporting the birds but the birds are also caring and loving – almost nuzzling the mother. The page is subtly vibrant and colourful, in a way that almost suggests the colour is slowly developing on the canvas. The hues of blue and pink, as well as the smears of green and yellow, add pigment and life to the grey background – almost in the same way that mothers often feel as if their children have  added a sudden rush of colour and depth to their lives. The piece also considers texture closely, it is almost three dimensional. The strokes and layering form a rough and raw finish to the painting.

Gabriel has been recognised as an all-round favourite from this collection. The portrait painting is captivating. Inspired by the biblical figure Gabriel, the painting portrays the being in an almost saint like manner, with its angel wings extended behind like a headpiece. The hair is straight and almost modern, like a new age Gabriel transcending into the 21st century. The painting is dominated by hues of blue – with strokes of bright pale blue striking the figures cheekbones and chin. Sophies use of pigment when shading is inspired. The colours both complement and contrast one another on the canvas. The eyes are dark and piercing, sustaining the focus, drawing the reader further into the piece. 

Another interesting piece is The Shaman, an explosive mixed media painting. The piece is vibrant and colourful, bursting with shades of blue, pink and purple against its black outlines. The bright pigments used to illustrate the face feel somewhat foreign and familiar at the same time. The Shaman represents outdated and alternative spiritual modes of knowledge. Here Venturini has developed a modern take on ancestral figures. The glitter and dripping effect used contrast the ancient ideals of the Shaman himself but also suggest that these notions of tradition and culture can in fact go beyond their ‘designated’ time and exist in the modern world. The headpiece, recreated in glitter, almost imitates a radiating and iridescent halo. The colours of the face in the foreground extend to the background of the piece as if the Shaman himself exudes its energy, overwhelming the canvas. 

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Woolwich Co-Working Space

On the second floor of the artFix Woolwich store you can find our affordable professional workspace, where you can work on you own or in partnership with other members of our network  to develop your creative ideas.

Prices start at £75 a month for a hot desk or £150 for a dedicated desk. Unique offers include:

  • Hot desks and dedicated desks with ultra-fast Internet
  • Free tea/coffee
  • Free access to a private meeting room (prior booking is required)
  • 10% discount on all of our products sold at the artFix Café
  • 10% discount to workshop sessions and venue hire (includes rehearsal space, screening and presentation facilities)
  • Free access to our resident Business Mentor, Zufi Al Deo, who has supported over 1,000 entrepreneurs as part of his business’ CSR (
  • Free Business Mailbox address (dedicated desks only)
  • Access to leave belongings overnight (dedicated desks only).

For any assistance and to arrange a viewing, please contact us here.

Leslie’s Work Experience

My experience whilst working with and for artFix was really interesting. I helped out with their social medias as well as taking some really picturesque pictures of the artwork and more. I contributed my ideas towards their events and took in a lot of useful knowledge.

Working with artFix has taught me to be more independent, as we got assigned individual tasks which we had to complete all by ourselves.

The members of staff here were very friendly towards me and helped me with anything I needed help with.

Moreover, it helped me develop my skills in digital media, as I had access to technology and had very creative tasks.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience with artFix and will definitely come back again!

Below are some of the photos I took on instagram during my time here!



May 2017:

May was an exciting month at artFix as it kicked off on Sunday the 7th with a free Laughter Yoga session with Happily Clappily Ever Laughter! Where people laughed their way to toned abs and relived themselves of the stress and anxiety of the week! Then on Monday the weekly free Knowledge Café for Entrepreneurs at 12pm started where entrepreneurs met to support, promote social learning and social networking. On Wednesday we had a family film in the afternoon called Hook Line and Sinker, this was an exciting film, which the whole family could enjoy! Towards the end of the week the free Ab Attack Workout started with trainer Gavin of GW personal training. Where he helped people attack their upper and outer abs in just a quick 30-minute workout! When the weekend came around there was an exciting workshop on Skinner Releasing Technique for only £8! This workshop was perfect for dance lovers and even for those who didn’t realise they could dance! On Sunday we slowed down the pace a bit and had a Still Life drawing workshop for £8 with resident artist Claire Anscomb. During this workshop people learnt about the history of still life works, how to compose a still life scene, and also how to draw using pencils and a variety of drawing materials!

The next week we picked up the pace again with speed on Wednesday, with a free Tabata High Intensity Workout in the afternoon with GW Personal Trainer Gavin. This 30-minute class definitely worked on the apotheosis of “no pain no gain”! On Tuesday we saw the return of more freeLaughter Yoga session with Happily Clappily Ever Laughter and then on the Wednesday evening a Creative Writing Workshop Taster. This free workshop was run by Merrie Williams exploring the interesting topic of Ekphrasis, writing inspired by the object of art, and would return to us again on the following Tuesday! Thursday picked up the pace again at artFix in the evening with Boxercise with the return of Gavin from GW training again for a full hour! The month ended with free Create a Postcard workshop in the afternoon with the passionate Joan Spence where people were welcome to bring up to two children to enjoy the fun!


Over the next few weeks exciting events are happening at artFix which you wouldn’t want to miss! On Saturday, we have the first of four sessions being run by the incredible art psychotherapist Simon Woodward, who will be teaching us mindfulness techniques through artistic expression — check out the Art of Relaxing, every Saturday morning, here at artFix! We continue to support local business here in Woolwich, as with every week we will continue to hold our Knowledge Café every Monday, where local entrepreneurs and meet and engage with one another. We are hosting a very special Social Media Hack on Friday 30th for local micro-preneurs to learn social media techniques. This event is invite-only so check our webpage and email to attend.

Next weekend (23-25th) join us in celebrating Swedish Midsummer with a Swedish Film Festivalwhich promises to be fun and educational! Not to mention every ticket includes a free class of vino! We will be continuing our international cultural exchange into July as Lindsay Huang teaches us how to make our own lucky Chinese knots!

Throughout July we have been lucky enough to secure multiple events run by Sacha Paige, a founding member and artistic director of the award-winning Clout Theatre Company. She will be hosting several workshops including Movement Training for Actors, Creativity through Movement and Lecoq’s Dynamics of Movement each course will help teach students ways to engage their body’s movement as they interact with the outside world.

As always Laugh your way to yoga and the Poetry Open-Mic continue to run every Thursday and Monday, respectively. Both events are massively fun and a great chance to engage with our vibrant community.