In artFix, we aim to make our cities more democratic by establishing creative participatory spaces that engage local communities, give voice to everyone, support collaboration and address social issues through the power of the arts. We base our activity on three main premises: accessibility, equality and relevance. Our vision is to make cities artful; to transform ordinary spaces into accessible, affordable and fun places, where we can Live Everyday Life as a Work of Art.

To achieve this, we open social spaces that act as creative participatory hubs operating on four levels of action – IN-STORE, INDUSTRY, OUTREACH, VIRTUAL – and employing four key direct methods of social empowerment: Dialogue & Participation, Artistic Self-expression, Creative Education and Collaboration.


In an artFix Store, you will find:

Café: a social space where people can meet, discuss, conceive ideas, form teams and plan artistic activities, creative business ideas or activist initiatives.

Venue: an exhibition/performance space where people are able to express themselves and showcase their creative work. This occurs all around the store, where fixes of creative content such as music, theatre, dance, exhibitions etc., lasting no more than 30 minutes each, are presented on a rapidly rotating basis.

Academy: an education space, where lectures, seminars and workshops are organised, business and creative courses are taught, healthy living, art therapy and workout classes are on offer.

Workspace: a collaboration space where people can work together and conceive, develop and plan innovative and creative ideas for social, political or business purposes.


artFix also supports professional artists to develop and disseminate their work to a wide audience. Professional artists collaborate with us in the following ways:

Agency: our boutique consultancy that specialises in personalised professional services for cultural organisations, creative individuals and independent artists. Our services include production and project management, marketing and communication, fundraising and research, accounting and legal consultancy.

Festival: our annual festival that functions as an open international platform for new artists to show their work, to meet with the public, other artistic and activist communities, to be introduced to high profile cultural organisations, and to interact actively with colleagues and audiences across the country and internationally.

Incubator: Our intensive educational practice-based programme that aims at preparing artists to turn their creative ideas into a sustainable business. The aim of this 6-month programme is to turn artists into business-ready enterprises.

Studios: We provide permanent workspace connecting artists, creative industry experts and thinkers with audiences. Our studios are a collaborative platform offered on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis for the development of new creative projects, business ideas and social initiatives.


This is our social work with local communities. We offer arts-related programmes to socially disadvantaged and vulnerable groups so that they can enjoy, dream and connect through the power of art.

Schools: we offer educational programme to schools.

Elderly Homes: art therapy programmes to elderly homes.

Hospitals: art programmes to hospitals.

Unemployed: education programmes, learning activities and networking opportunities for unemployed individuals.


App: our online platform that provides user reviews of creative events across the world and helps creative individuals, artists and cultural organisation to upload their upcoming events and invite audiences. Through our app, you can also connect with creative people across the globe and receive international news from the creative and arts sector.

artFixers: Our global creative community that benefits from using our spaces and services across the world. Our international members can showcase their work, use the workspace, take classes and receive professional services in our spaces in different cities across the world and online.

Artgenda: Our online members also benefit from our programming service, an online customized platform that alerts emerging and professional artists for all showcasing opportunities available in venues, centres and festivals across the world. Subscribe to get alerts about showcasing opportunities around the world.

Live: You can watch a selection of streaming live events, sell and buy artwork and showcase your work online.