A Day in the Life…

Have a look at the gallery photos to see the results of our community project we have been working for the past few months.

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/GwmcrWGYjHs


Arts & Story-Telling for Greenwich communities

A Day in the Life… aimed at creating a living, breathing, three-dimensional and most of all, an artistic documentary of life in one of South East London’s burgeoning communities.

Local professional artists facilitated workshops for groups, businesses and individuals from the area, aiming at the creation of an artistic representation of what it is like to live and work in Woolwich.

During the workshops, stories from the communities were collected, developed and shape into artworks.

The “Story-tellers” presented their creations in front of a live audience during the  “A Day in the life…” artistic tour.

During one day, members of the public were able to self-guide around Woolwich to experience the area in a creative and unique way.

This day we were filmed and the footage has been used to create a more traditional documentary that  allow the event to be preserved and celebrated in the future.

Our Artists

Robert Pearce – Mama G (Petite Pantos – Storytelling and Pantomime Performances)

Robert is a professional performer, writer and director with a wealth of experience on stage and screen.

He has appeared in plays and musicals all over the UK, Italy and Egypt such as the number one national tour of the Glenn Miller StoryHoods – the New Musical, directed by Craig Revel Horwood at the Arts Theatre, London and Coppelia with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

A regular pantomime performer, Robert has performed in over twenty pantos, usually playing the dame and also writes and directs productions. Recently he has created Petite Pantos, a new UK based theatre company that is passionate about one of the country’s oldest and most unique home-grown traditions.

Tatiana Ellis (The R.O.M.E.L Foundation- Performing arts, Rap, Spoken Words and dance)

90’s rap artist and author Tatiana Ellis, is the founder and Project Co-ordinator of The R.O.M.E.L Foundation, a kids and families fusion arts organisation in Greenwich.

She has worked with artists such as Mark Morrison, St Etienne, Thompson Twins and signed with labels EMI and Warner Chappell. Her book Melodies of a Ghetto Princess was published in 2003.

She has written and directed original musical theatre performances and delivered dance fitness, drama, singing and multi-skills classes to children in workshops, after-school clubs and play-schemes.

Her passion for holistic health and well-being and spreading positivity spurred Tatiana to get her qualifications in the health and fitness field.  Her creativity brought it all together.

Lucia Collella (Visual artist)

Lucia’s work comes from “humble beginnings” as she puts it, copying comic book images as a child to studies at Chelsea school of art, North Oxfordshire College & SOA and De Montfort University (Leicester).

In the past five years, she has exhibited north of the river at both The Menier & Espacio galleries to more local exhibitions at Blackheath and Charlton.

Her work is highly intuitive and visceral… She uses music as a tool to help achieve this. The results of which usually manifest themselves on Acrylic on board or large charcoal and pastel sketches.

Her studio is her suitcase and her inspiration comes from the ever-present internal struggle between head and heart.

She has been a regular artist residence at artFix over the past year.

Sandra Marques (Photographer, Printmaker, Bookmaker)

Sandra Marques is a photographer and bookmaker. She founded Focus Finder, a group of women photographers based in the South East of London.

The main objectives of the group is to promote photography as an art form and include other photographers who lack the support to develop as artists. It aims at the establishment of workshops and other future educational activities involving other photographers, teachers and artists from this area of London.
The group focuses on the development of exhibition projects both individual and group exhibitions. This group was created as the foundation stone for a future collective of local artists.

At present, Focus Finder is a group of four photographers, who study traditional method of printing in the darkroom and digital photography classes at Greenwich Community College. From silver prints to cyanotypes, to film collages, solarisation, toning to digital photography,  this group has an eclectic view of the photographic media as a democratic and creative tool.

Sandra has exhibited at artFix, the Greenwich Gallery, the Steven Lawrence Gallery and the Greenwich Heritage Centre among others.