Artfix is about making dreams happen and living life to the fullest.

We aim at people with a dream at heart and a idea in mind, who appreciate the atmosphere of a coffeehouse but need more than a table in café to make it a reality.

Our unique business model, which allows you to generate revenue from your project with minimal or no initial investment, is not just a fashionable sharing-economy concoction but a tried and successful process which helps you to grow as we grow. It all has to do with synergies: we offer you the setup you need and partner with you to create value, from conception to execution.

You may join the free sessions with our resident business advisor to discuss how you may open your own business, hire out the space for a workshop you want to give, or take advantage of our stylish and extremely affordable hot-desking opportunity (prices start at £75 per month, with all bills paid). you can also do your own pop-up (it could be selling food, or fashion items, or designer furniture, you name it) in our popular café area. You can be the Artfixer-in-residence and showcase your work to our diverse audiences. Or even use the space, at a discount, for community work. The possibilities are endless.

We emulate the creative process in four steps to empower you to deliver to the world the very best you’ve got!