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Why Suffer Alone / Solo Exhibition by Ashley Gray

Why Suffer Alone exhibition: a space for the darker and more irrational aspects, to be free within themselves.

I believe that every human being alive in any state has value but I also believe the world is constructed in a way where suffering is as sure as death yet suffering does not have to be so isolating, we can share in it even if we have not experienced it, this produces a connection this connection reinforces our value.
This deception is what empowers me and my artwork it forces me to be, to express the results of conflicts within us on every level as people, such as grief. Grief is both a universal thing and a very personal thing, because of this human mechanic my artwork take the forms of darker thoughts and ideas with an intense colour that aims to carry the viewer into the emotions and question I am presenting.

The purpose of my work is to ask the viewer ‘why we suffer alone’ why is it somewhat appealing when framed correctly and we are aware, why suffering has so much power over each person and as a whole, but also to invoke an answer from the viewers mind and an almost instant understanding.

In those darker moments of your own mind ‘you are not alone’ though I may not know you nor you I.

About Ashley

Ashley Gray (1986, London, United Kingdom) is an artist who mainly works with Digital art. With a conceptual approach, he likes to involve the viewer in his art and believes in the idea of  the viewer taking away a thought or emotion captured within his work. He tries to create works in which the actual event still has to take place or just has ended: a single moments evocative of atmosphere realization and within himself a slight despair.

His Digital artworks directly respond to his mind’s eye of the world and uses experiences from his observations as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that go unnoticed in their original context. He creates intense personal moments with his focus one these slight moments through the means of rules and acceptance of a reality that humanity can not escape.

What you can expect?

There will be a short introduction of myself followed by a slide show and presentation of my works and ideas behind each piece as I explain my creative thought patterns and attempt to connect you to the very real constructs behind them and how they impact me.

There will be slight music and complementary glass of wine and snacks for your enjoyment, as well as plenty of time to look over the art itself and talk with me about them.

Entry will be FREE with one hour of event and a second hour to view the work and be yourselves, I hope to see you there, you are welcome.

Ashley Gray

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