10:00 am - 1:00 pm
artFix Woolwich

At the end of The Odyssey, 12 women are executed by the returning hero and his son. Their crime? Sacrificing their bodies to protect another woman. Their voices have been missing from history. Now, with your help, we’d like to uncover their stories.


We want to stop their deaths being glossed over as a brief but bloody prelude to a happy ending. Instead we will write a play that puts them centre stage and enables them to regain their lost agency.

Our hope is to uncover the stories of The 12 Maids through the real life stories and experiences of contemporary women, and those who identify with the story of the 12 Maids. In doing so we will show just how much still needs to be done for equality.

We would love to speak to people who have survived oppression of any sort and who are willing to share their stories of struggling against the odds.

Come to our workshop to hear a reading from The Odyssey by a professional actress and then help us rewrite this myth by putting female experience at the centre.

Tea and coffee will be provided.


Who are we?

Ruth Halkon is a research officer at the Police Foundation, a not-for-profit think tank that works to improve policing for the benefit of the public. Previously she served for three years as a police constable in  London. There she had first hand experience of interviewing and supporting female victims of crime and ensuring they were listened to and had the chance to receive justice. Prior to joining the police she worked as a journalist for local, regional and national newspapers and news agencies, where she developed a special interest in criminal justice. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Cambridge and an MA in Newspaper Journalism from City University.

Jacinta Hunter is an actor, cabaret performer and producer. Through her experience of cabaret and burlesque she has developed an awareness of how women are perceived when they do something that is associated with sex and the stigma they encounter as a result. Jacinta has produced her own cabaret show which she took to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. She has also co-produced a production of the Vagina Monologues, in part to raise money for domestic violence charities. She graduated from The Bridge Theatre Training Company with a diploma in professional acting and was invited to be a trustee in 2017, which position she currently holds. She also works in schools doing one to one work with children who have special educational needs.

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