11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Royal Arsenal Riverside

INCLUDED • Glass of Prosecco & Picnic

The opportunity to take part in a group exhibition at artFix 

Starting September, arFix will be launching a series of outdoor painting masterclasses led by our outstanding artist in residence, Lucia Colella.

During the intimate, three-hour painting exploration of the Royal Arsenal Riverside, you will explore form, composition & energy in mark making. While creating, enjoy a complimentary glass of prosecco and a light picnic.

The Arsenal grounds provide rich and varied material for an art session. Whether it is looking at the Riverside views of the ferry, the Thames barrier and beyond towards the 02. Or considering Peter Burkes striking figures at the Rivers edge. There is a wealth of subjects to be explored at the farmers market… or of the echoes of classical and palladium architecture in the buildings that overlook and are adjacent to the market plaza.

The cobblestones, the cannons, the patches of green, the benches, the fountains, the riverside view all add to a serene setting… to sit and muse on the old and new in the beautiful grounds of the Royal Arsenal site. What more inspiration can a budding artist ask for?

All Material provided.

Please note: a minimum of two guests is required for a masterclass to take place. 

Classes will be relocated in the event of bad weather.


Dates & Fees

Session 1  • Saturday 8th September

Session 2  • Saturday 6th October

Session 3  • Saturday 3rd November

 One session • £75 

Block of three sessions • £200

About Lucia

My work in art comes from humble beginnings copying comic book images as a child to studies at Chelsea school of art, North Oxfordshire College & SOA and De Montfort University (Leicester).

In the past five years, I have exhibited north of the river at both The Menier & Espacio galleries to more local exhibitions at Blackheath and Charlton.

Throughout my creative journey, I have noticed that ideas follow me around…I mean they haunt me… until I do something about them. This could be a matter of days, weeks…years.

So being a regular artist residence at Artfix Woolwich over the past year has allowed me to work through these concepts and share my passion with all sorts of people from different walks of life, who literally walk in from the High Street!

My studio is my suitcase and my inspiration comes from the ever-present internal struggle between head and heart. My work is highly intuitive and visceral…I use music as a tool to help achieve this.

The results of which usually manifest themselves on Acrylic on board or large charcoal and pastel sketches. I want to inspire others by finding images that truly touch people and lead good minds and hearts away from today’s pull with animosity.

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