8:00 am - 8:00 pm
artFix Woolwich

Come see Lukas Tengler’s exhibition starting July 15th and running one week. Lukas’ work is mostly done with simple pallet knife and few brushes. Only acrylic colour is used with almost no reductions done to it, in order to create textures and peaks of colour, working with very basic colour spectrum. Lukas mixes his own shades and tones to the intriguing process. As he started painting approximately 2 years ago, his style is still changing , themes and schemes like there is no tomorrow and enjoying every single moment of it.

Lukas’ inspiration comes from the ever changing and powerful element of water. He enjoys the movement of the sea and somehow feels emotionally moved while watching it. He trys to implement these emotions and momentary feelings into his work. As a colour schemes or brush strokes, its always raw on the canvas


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