1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
artFix Woolwich

During the February half-term from Monday 12th February till Friday 16th February artFix will be running a variety of free workshops for children aged 5-12 funded by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Each workshop will offer a different activity – ranging from performing arts, children’s Egyptian yoga, to arts and crafts. This session is designed for children aged 8-12, and offers them a opportunity to not only be creative but also a try a unique fun way to do yoga. There are only 15 places for this session so sign up before it fills up!

Yoga with Akua-Afrigei Owusu

Afriyei is the founder of AfriLife Wealth – a growing business with prides itself on serving the local community. She believes through the continual practice of yoga it is possible to manifest joy, happiness and fun…adding much needed vitality to restore the minds and bodies of all those who participate.

The goals of the session are listed below:

Goal 1: to introduce youngsters to yoga and allow them to express themselves further through themed art.

Goal 2: to create a fun and learning environment whereby they can come away with an uplifting experience.

Goal 3: to instill a passion in the youngsters so that they may wish to continue learning yoga and creatives activities.

The order of the session will go as follows:

  1. Warmup
  2. Tunning In
  3. Second warmup – limbering
  4. Themed session – Egypt, magic carpet, barge rowing, Giza, pyramids, hieroglyphs etc.
  5. Animals – asp, camel, frog, crocodile, Sphinx,
  6. Tree and Hero asanas (postures)#


For the art and yoga session we advise:

  • students should leave a 3 hour gap between heavy meals and 1-2 hour gap between snacks
  • wear loose clothing and bring aprons
  • the art session will take place on the floor so a large or floor protection is needed – if they do not have a mat please bring a towel or non-slippery fabric
  • any special concerns or injuries may affect participation e.g. suffering from Asthma
  • parents may wish to provide children with small refreshments for the break e.g. fruit and water

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