5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
artFix Woolwich

Capoeira is a fun and exciting martial art style. Originating predominantly from Brazil, it’s a game of skill that combines self-defence fighting techniques, acrobatics, dance, songs and music (you would have the opportunity to learn how to play different instruments from other countries, such as Berimbau, atabaque).

Capoeira is a recognized physical activity suitable for children, youth and adults. You will be directed to give vent to your creativity through rhythm, music, singing, instruments and body expression.

Come and join Sarue Muzenza for an initiation!


– Encourage and develop natural physical skills through spontaneous movements

– Develop adjustment of psychomotor behaviour

– Stimulate the capacity of self-expression through creative movement

– Contribute to the formation of healthy habits

– Encourage socialization

– Promote equal participation regardless of age and gender

No Experience needed

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