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Bridget Swann is a London based artist whose work spans across painting, installation and performance. Having graduated from City and guilds of london art school in 2014, Bridget has continued to overlap and combine different elements of her fine art practice into theatrical pieces which question the very nature of ‘the stage.’ This is primarily to see what happens when we or the subjects depicted step in and out of their frames and by becoming aware of this, allow for various layers of reality to be peeled back, manipulated or reflected upon. In these experimental set ups and paintings, influenced from existential and absurdist theatre intertwined with psychoanalysis, she aims to create a cathartic experience using dramatic visual stimuli which itself aims to incite cyclic emotional recourse where the viewer is also influencing the art, not simply viewing it. This emphasises the breakdown of barriers between the spectacle and spectator along with the awareness of being which is at the very core of Bridget’s work.


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