No Fee
18/01/2019 - 20/02/2019
All Day

Create an artwork in front of a live Audience

“Art Battles” feature two artists (of any discipline, painting, dance, photography, theatre, performance etc.), who have half an hour to create their artworks on the spot in front of an audience, on a given theme.

During the event, the artists create their works of art on the spot in whatever artistic medium and style they wish. Once the artworks are completed, the audience will have the chance to express a personal opinion about the two artists’ performances and to vote a winner.

As a reward for participating, artists have the opportunity to host their own exhibition at the artFix Gallery for free.

Interested? Click the register button and email us with samples of your work and a few lines about you.


Open Call closes :

20th February 2019

Art Battle Event:

07th March 2019 | 7 pm |Burgh House & Hampstead Museum

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