28/09/2018 - 05/10/2018
All Day
artFix Woolwich

LAUNCH & LIVE PAINTING • Saturday 29th September • 3 pm to 5 pm

I love to paint. It’s an amazing channel of expression. I just love the feeling of sitting down at my easel and painting whether it is my usual abstracts pieces or just blending colours on my canvas.
The moments I love are the ones where you almost feel like your hand is controlling itself.

I paint and draw anything I want, but I don’t usually focus on a set subject.
A painting can mean anything you want, or it doesn’t have to mean anything at all…
There are no rules, or maybe, just the ones you set. If you say it is art, then it is.

Sharing my passion for art with my daughter and allowing her to be an equal in my collaborations, helped solidify her confidence, skills and happiness more than I expected!

She loves getting super messy playing with colours and creative with her imagination.

The moments shared between you and your art are awesome moments. Remember, if it feels like you are making art, then you are an artist!

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