In our cafe, we are now serving wine and beer.

Try our new meal deals:

Any food plus a glass of wine or beer £6.50!

Any food plus our delicious home cooked soup £5.50!

Join our social space to meet, discuss and conceive ideas. Here, you can form teams and begin the creative process of planning artistic activities, innovative enterprises and start ups or activist initiatives.

Our tastefully decorated cafe offers food and beverage, wifi access, desk space and carefully curated networking events that can help you connect with other talented and passionate creative people, thinkers and entrepreneurs.

   “The event was fantastic! The Lui’s womenswear team couldn’t be happier with the experience we had working with the professionals at the venue and coffee shop. They are extremely prepared for this caliber of event, being skilled in technical work as well as business relations. A huge thank you to everyone at artFix!”

Lui’s Fashion – fashion designer

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