Bozena Koj Solo Exhibition

We were fortunate enough to feature Bozena Koj’s stunning work at the gallery in June 2019. The solo exhibition launch was a success, a large number of visitors had seen her work promoted across our social media platforms in the weeks leading up to the event and had been waiting patiently. Bozena’s work is stunning […]

Lucia Colella Solo Exhibition

Lucia initially Trained at Chelsea school of Art, North Oxfordshire College & school of art, & De montfort University. Lucia is a regular artist in residence at artfix often seen drawing or painting live at the artfix easel. She has previously painted scenery for different theatre productions ( The Gate theatre /The young Vic/ The […]

Spread the Love!

Help us spreading the love As a firm believer in the power of creativity to inspire social progress, artFix is always seeking ways to encourage positive change within its community. As well as supporting creative self-expression, we also want to inspire kindness and communication among people. Starting February 14, our Spread the Love campaign is […]

A Day in the Life: Arts & Story-Telling in the Woolwich Community

In the recent months artFix has been developing an artistic showcase, presenting life in one of South East London’s burgeoning communities – Woolwich. We’ve been organising and administering weekly workshops with local art practitioners to work with members of the local community to showcase their artistic rendition of what it’s like to live and work […]

Tabita, Healing:

Recently, artFix was honoured to showcase Healing, a solo exhibition by visual artist Tabita Cargnel featuring both her past and current works. The exhibition’s launch was fantastic. Visitors roamed the gallery, wine glass in hand, peering and pondering on the pieces. Tabita too, ambled along the white walls gazing into her works, but also revelling […]

Sophie Venturini Exhibition

Earlier this month, June 2019,  we were delighted to showcase a solo exhibition by Sophie Venturini from Thames Side Studios. The exhibition focuses on a collection of her works including paintings, drawings and ceramics. As an independent artist Sophie has brought to life a range of her own original content. Sophie enjoys working with bright colours […]

Woolwich Co-Working Space

On the second floor of the artFix Woolwich store you can find our affordable professional workspace, where you can work on you own or in partnership with other members of our network  to develop your creative ideas. Prices start at £75 a month for a hot desk or £150 for a dedicated desk. Unique offers include: Hot desks and dedicated desks with […]

Leslie’s Work Experience

My experience whilst working with and for artFix was really interesting. I helped out with their social medias as well as taking some really picturesque pictures of the artwork and more. I contributed my ideas towards their events and took in a lot of useful knowledge. Working with artFix has taught me to be more […]