Spread the Love!

This valentines artFix decided to join the mid-February loving feel and debut our “Spread the Love” initiative. Saint Valentines martyrdom, now recognised as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions across the world. The day is a recognised as an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation towards the loved ones in our lives; boyfriends, girlfriends , fiancés, husbands, wives, mother’s, father’s, brothers, sisters  and friends – but why should it stop there? artFix’s aims have always been to encourage positive change and to stimulate constructive action. As well as supporting creative self-expression, we also want to inspire kindness and communication among people, especially within our surrounding community in Woolwich.  This February we launched our very own “Spread the Love” movement.

In this way we’ve extended Valentine’s day from its restrictive and solely romantic associations, advocating love and support towards all, strangers and those in need. The initiative advocates generosity as well as communication. We’re promoting our campaign via two new strategies at the Café; a Generosity jar and a Conversation Station.

The Generosity Jar allows for customers to buy a coffee for another who may need it. Spend an extra £2 or more and leave your receipt in the jar to allow someone else to enjoy a “suspended coffee”. As city dwellers often fixed and anchored to our phones, we often forget to interact with those around us. We seldom strike up friendly conversations or encourage familiarity with those in our surrounding community. Arguably, we have lost a sense of community by restricting ourselves to our headphones and holding ourselves back from integrating with wider society. In this way we’ve also introduced a Conversation Station at the Café in artFix Woolwich. This station is active between 4-6pm daily to encourage casual or thought provoking conversations between those willing to further connect with their local community.

So please, come down to artFix and enjoy the café and gallery space for yourself. Strike up a conversation and contribute towards your wider community.

Spread the Love!


Much love,

artFix team